Naturally, a Lutheran is a follower of Martin Luther. Wrong! We are followers of Jesus Christ. Martin Luther as well as you and I are earthen vessels to carry the treasure of the Gospel to the world. Saved by the Grace of God, which is received through faith for the sake Christ. . . read more . . .

Written in Tongues.

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The missionaries of the CLC devote time and resources into producing solid biblical material in a number of languages. We work with many indigenous pastors in order to translate simple but solid material into the language of the people.

Read or download "What is a Lutheran" and many other essays in your own language:

Or find other materials, including sermons studies and sunday school lessons under our Materials Page.

Missionary Journals

Many of our missionaries and mission helpers write regular journals about their travels, experience, and the spreading of God's kingdom in foreign lands, to read more about them or to read their latest articles please visit our Missionary Journals site. Here are a few of the latest titles to be posted by our missionaries.

India – October 20
Written: | October 20, 2014
India – October 18
Written: | October 18, 2014
The Invisible Hand
Written: | October 17, 2014

German Free Conference

Infomration, pictures, and essays from the recent Lutheran Free Conference in Grebehain Germany can be found here.

News and Newsletters

Missionary Dave Koenig writes a regular newsletter, B.A.S.I.C, which helps to keep all our brothers informed about what is going on around the world. It also provides regular spiritual food in the form of devotions and biblical studies. Click here to read more of these newsletters, or click here to sign up to regularly receive these newsletters by email.

Irregular news articles concerning especially noteworthy events are contributed by all of our missionaries and pastors around the world and are listed here. You can also receive the rss feed for these articles by clicking here.