Make Disciples of All Nations

Our Lord has had recorded for us the direction of His church. Matthew 28:19, Mark 16:15, Luke 24:47, John 20:21 and Acts 1:8 are passages from our Lord when He walked on earth directing us to reach out. The material on this website reminds us in the Church of the Lutheran Confession how in Asia and Africa we are seeking to carry out His directions.

  • Congo (DRC) – The Eglise Evangelique Lutherienne du Congo is concentrated in Katanga Province around Lubumbashi with outreach in nearby states and Kinshasa.
  • Ghana Crown of Glory Lutheran Church is located in Denu near the border with Togo. A new preaching station is starting outside of Accra.
  • India – The Church of the Lutheran Confession of India has congregations throughout Andhra Pradesh State and a cluster of congregations in Chattisgarh State.Headquarters is at Nidubrole in Guntur District. The Berea Evangelical Lutheran Church has congregations in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh States in fifteen church districts, as well as work in the Nicobar and Andaman Islands.
  • Kenya – The Etago Church of the Lutheran Confession is centered at Etago near Kisii with several satellite congregations. New work that started in Nairobi with a Bible study developing into a congregation is expanding to other cities and especially Mombasa under the Church of the Lutheran Confession of Kenya. Both sister churches in Tanzania also have congregations across the border in Kenya.
  • Myanmar – A visitation team met with the Upper Myanmar Evangelical Lutheran Church to continue discussion on finding if we are in agreement to join in fellowship. Extensive correspondence has gone on.  Two visitations have been carried out. They have changed their name to the CLCMyanmar. Bohde and Koenig have made the visitations. Our fellowship deepens.
  • Nepal Pastors Ohlmann and Ude made the first trip to Nepal after lengthy correspondence and the church was formed – Himalayan Church of the Lutheran Confession of Nepal. We pray for a continued joyful joining together to work for Him. Another visitation was carried out and our fellowship deepens.
  • Nigeria – The Nigerian Church of the Lutheran Confession has congregations in Akwa Ibom State. Missions are in Port Harcourt, Badagry, and Lagos.
  • South Africa – Correspondence was carried on between us and a Lutheran group in SA that inquired of us. Even though our representatives were in Johannesburg we did not have a face to face meeting. We found out the group had not told us the whole truth in correspondence. Furthermore, we discovered that they were not reputable, especially with regard to finances. ——– A visit was carried out with a preacher who was in our sister church in Congo and is now working in South Africa. We pray that renewed contact and forward movement together in Gospel work can proceed in the Johannesburg area.
  • Tanzania – We regret that our fellowship with the LCEA has been broken since the leadership has disagreed with us and carried out unethical actions. We pray for those who want to continue in fellowship with us to be strong in the Word. The Church of the Lutheran Confession of East Africa centered in Arusha has congregations and outreach to the north and west.
  • Togo – The Eglise Evangelique Lutherienne de Confession du Togo has a congregation at Vakpossito outside of Lome and a new station at Segbe.
  • Uganda – Discussions are being held with two pastors and their congregations at Mbale and Kampala to determine if we are in fellowship and can work together in this country.