B.A.S.I.C. #269

Volume 12, Issue 14 Immanuel by Pastor Emeritus Daniel J. Fleischer In the uniqueness of the divine God-head the pre-incarnate Son of God was Immanuel, even as He was Immanuel in His incarnate state, and is the God-Man Immanuel in His ascended state. As there never was a time when God was not, so there

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A Report from Pastor Nolting on CLC work in Peru

The following is a report from Pastor Nolting on CLC work in Peru. Read with prayer of thanks. Regarding the work in Peru. Daniel Pfeiffer (member of CLC Mankato, Mn.) is back in Lima until Thanksgiving. He will be working full-time in mission outreach and teaching. He had begun the instruction of about 20 adults

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