A Report from Pastor Nolting on CLC work in Peru

The following is a report from Pastor Nolting on CLC work in Peru. Read with prayer of thanks.
Regarding the work in Peru. Daniel Pfeiffer (member of CLC Mankato, Mn.) is back in Lima until Thanksgiving. He will be working full-time in mission outreach and teaching. He had begun the instruction of about 20 adults before coming back last October. He has an additional ten or so that were interested in starting, so he should have about 30 adults in class. He will also be instructing the elementary students at Stella Maris School, owned and operated by Dimas Vivanco and his wife, Blanca. There were about 35 children last year and it looks like the enrollment may be up to about 45 this year. He will be instructing the students in Religion and English.

I will be making a twelve day trip down to Lima in April. It is hoped that the weekly Bible Study of last year will be turned into a weekly worship service this year. Dimas would like to plan a conference for the summer of 2013, in which a number of people from the US would come to present various Biblical topics. I have talked to four or five people with some Spanish fluency to participate in such a conference, but we will have to wait and see whether the Lord permits it to develop and proceed.