January 2012 East Africa Visitation Trip Report

“And they went out and preached everywhere, while the Lord worked with them” – Mark 16:20 In Badagari, Nigeria, a new church standing on the border between Benin and Nigeria welcomed me and pastors from three other countries. Some of these pastors came from churches with traditions and songs vastly diverse from our typical Lutheran heritage. Here traditions were shared while unity was preserved. As the words of F. Pieper reminded this group, “The unity of

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Greetings from Teacher Ibrahim

I am very happy to write to you this mail because in the Christ we  are one therefore we need  to know each other in spiritual life and  physical as well. It is by the grace of God to communicate to you through mail but  in spirit we communicate every day through prayer as the

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2012 CLC Board of Missions Central Africa Visitation

It has been the goal and practice of the CLC Board of Missions to maintain a regular schedule of personal visits to the various church bodies we are privileged to work with around the world. Missionary Matthew Ude lives and works primarily in India with the CLC-India and the BELC, but part of his duties

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