Greetings from Teacher Ibrahim

I am very happy to write to you this mail because in the Christ we  are one therefore we need  to know each other in spiritual life and  physical as well.
It is by the grace of God to communicate to you through mail but  in spirit we communicate every day through prayer as the Bible commands us (praying without ceasing).Through your prayers the CLC Zambia is growing and many people are coming to learn the word of God after  being reached by the gospel.
The following is the testimony which I faced last week when we reached one tribe in Zambia called Tonga Lea (Tonga).  Most of this tribe lives out of developments and most of them are living in houses which are built with grass from foundation of the house up to the roof (But others are living in town and they are rich).
Most of them  don’t know things called good house, good food, good clothes, Television etc. We remember we were with  evangelist Peter Mwerwa,  the one who is working  as a Timothy and with two brothers in that area. We approached some families but it was difficult because whatever we spoke needed to be translated. But we thank God for those two brothers to help us to translate (the people can’t speak English well, especially the old people).
One family asked us this question “are you speaking words of Jesus, where is he? Can we welcome him to visit us? And if these words which you are speaking to us are true, where were you since we were young until today? They concluded by saying we were selfish for hiding these good news”. These questions made us to sit down and start crying in the heart because  many preachers in Zambia forget this area by the gospel. They like to preach in the town and like having nice cars.
We shared with them the word of God and having discussion  for  two days and we returned back to  the place where  we stayed to collect more power to visit them again for a seminar one week on this month  or December this year(2011) . We can say that this people are really  hungry for the word of God but few people sacrifice their lives to preach to them. This is because of the distance from the town. This tribe is living in Southern part of Zambia. You need to drive almost three to four hours from town.
 Please keep this tribe in your prayer and our effort to reach them. Also we will need your help while we are arranging the seminar for them. I need to spend time with them and to plant a CLC congregation there.
May the Lord bless you as you share with others about this mail. Thanks. From Zambia (Central Africa).
Pastor Ibrahim karioki