I Cor. 16:9  “For a wide door for effective work has opened to me, and there are many adversaries.”

Feb. 15, 2008
Pastors Ude and Koenig visited our brothers in West Africa in January. Now Pastor Matthew Ude will be doing the visiting of these churches and the  correspondence and liaison with the CLC Mission Board. God bless the work of reaching out with the truth of God’s Word.
February 1st Pastor Ude and Koenig arrived in India.
Capsule Summaries
Ghana – Pastor Gideon continues to try to support himself in Accra/Tema area. He is working with individuals to try to show them the truth of the Word of God. Pastor Matt Ude is taking over the visitation of Ghana.

Togo – EELCT – Pastor Kossi has two congregations and is trying to establish two more. He has three men in training to learn our teachings. We pray these men see the truth of the Word we teach and desire to be in fellowship. Pastor Matt Ude is taking over the visitation of Togo. The ordination of Pastor Kossi is planned for next Dec. 14th.

– NCLC – The church graduated three men from the five year institute program. Two men remain in study. One pastor withdrew from us and we pray over the years he sees his loss and the errors that his new church teaches. The NCLC has over 900 souls served in 18 stations by 23 men. Regretfully, work in the north in a Muslim area had to be discontinued for several reasons. We still pray though that Muslims learn of the loving Savior, our Jesus. Pastor Matt Ude is taking over the visitation to Nigeria.

BELC Annual Report to India Pastoral Conference Part 2
Nellore and Renigunta
Districts are under Moses. He reported as follows. “After finishing the training in 1997, the Lord provided me an opportunity to work as Nellore District Chairman for the BELC. I used to conduct 4 day training classes every month in Nellore. We started training pastors and now 25 are in this district. In July we started a new batch of 20 men. In Renigunta the training started in 2003 and 20 men finished their training and are now in the ministry of the BELC. Another batch of 20 new pastors are now under training as of June. Arrangements were also made to make a trip to Bangalore to teach 20 men. I finished teaching the first class. (It should be mentioned that this had to be postponed due to costs.) We are conducting special youth classes, VBS and Sunday School.”

Kadapa, Rajampeta, Kurnool and Rayachotti Districts are under Victor. While the first three being supported from his budget, Victor is squeezing out one more one day meeting each month at Rayachotti. Victor reported as follows. “The four centers are being developed with the pastors in the knowledge of the Holy Bible and skills in methods of evangelism and leadership…Our small congregations are increasing day by day. In this year 63 souls came into the presence of the Lord through baptism. We increased our boundary of the BELC up to Rayachotti.

Our Telugu Magazine, Jeevapu Velugu is very useful to the pastors and other communities. I get phone calls from Tirupatti and other places requiring these. We have published in our local language song books which are useful in rural areas for worship. We are reaching with the Gospel to poor and needy in rural areas where there is no Gospel. We humbly request you to pray for us and all the activities of the BELC as we want to serve faithfully. We are always praying for those who are supporting and praying for us. The Lord richly bless you.”

Victor reported:

  • 14 pastors in Kadapa serving 449 souls
  • 12 pastors in Kurnool serving 604 souls
  • 13 pastors in Rajampeta serving 610 souls
  • 12 pastors in Rayachotti serving 556 souls.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands
The BELC has started sending Deepak to the Andamans every three months for classes for interested pastors at two teaching points. He is gone there for 13-15 days during which he also tries to visit congregations. We wait on the Lord to see how many of the 25 men who attend classes will in the end enter into fellowship with us.

Bible Challenges-continued
Quiz Book by F.H.Moehlmann

Quiz- Answers to ‘Surprises’
l. To see Jesus talking with a pagan woman.  John 4:27.
2. Paul. Acts 26:12-17
3. The woman who went out to Jesus’ tomb on Resurrection Morn.  Mark 16:1-8 and
Luke 24:22.
4. Mary and Joseph — Jesus.  Luke 2:31-52.
5. Zacharias.  Luke 1:5-12
6. Men who opened the roof for the sick of palsy.  Luke 5:18-26.
7. The Christians in Damascus.  Acts 9:17-21
8. The Midianites — Gideon’s followers.  Judg. 7:1-23.
9. Jairus and his wife.  Mark 5:22-43 and Luke 8:49-56.
10.The believing Jews.  Acts 10:44,45.
11.The two disciples of Emmaus — the women who had been out to Jesus’ tomb.
Luke 24:13-23.
12.Pharaoh’s daughter found the child Moses.  Ex. 2:1-10.
13.The people on the island of Malta — Paul.  Acts 28:1-6.
14.Devout Jews in Jerusalem on the Day of Pentecost.  Acts 2:1-7.
15.Herod — the Wise Men.  Matt. 2:1-10.
l.  A man whom God caused to fall into a deep sleep.
2. A man who fell asleep on the knees of a Philistine woman.
3. A man whose sleep is very sweet to him.
4. This man was awakened out of his sleep by an angel.
5. A warrior who slept at the door of the king’s palace.
6. Roman soldiers who slept while on guard duty.
7. A young man who took his king’s spear and water jug while he slept.
8. A prophet who was found fast asleep during a furious storm at sea.
9. He slept in a boat during a storm at sea.
10.Three sleepy men who simply could not remain awake.
11.Four times the Lord awakened this young sleeper.
12.These girls were awakend out of their sleep at midnight.
13.Suddenly awakened out of his sleep, this man wanted to commit suicide.
14.He slept lying bound between two soldiers.

15.Jesus promised His disciples that He would awaken this friend out of his sleep.

Pastor Koenig