Visitation Trip to Myanmar

Missionary David Koenig made a visitation trip to Myanmar shortly after the first of the year to meet and work with our brethren in the CLCM. He reports that with the blessing of the Lord, travel conditions under the Myanmar government have improved. Southern Chin State is now open to foreigners and tourist visas are readily available. With the relaxation of government regulations, it may be possible for both Pastors Kham and Thang to cross the Indian border for the October Joint Meeting with brethren in CLCI and BELC. In regard to church/state relations, it is no longer necessary to give money to government officials in order to conduct worship services in house-churches.
A Bible seminar was conducted, covering such topics as God Rules, Sacrifice, Genesis Questions, New Testament Timeline and Acts Chronology, A Study of Acts on How the Church Grew, and Rabbi Jesus, the Master Teacher. Missionary Koenig had a captive audience of 80 plus individuals from CLCM congregations for four days of study. He also had the privilege of preaching in six services.
Missionary Koenig met with the Executive Committee of CLCM to discuss various aspects of kingdom work. It was reported that Pastor Kham translated various religious writings which were handed out at the seminar. His translations will be posted on our mission website. Mission work has begun in a Burmese village 12 miles out of Kalay. Pastors Kham and Thang plan on purchasing Burmese Bibles for distribution. The Committee also discussed the land to be purchased on which the headquarters of CLCM will be built. In addition to moneys received from MDF, CLCM members will cover the remaining cost. A bad harvest last year has affected their ability to contribute for this cause.
Pastors Kham and Thang hope to be able to travel to the United States for the 2014 CLC Convention. Pastor Kham was unsuccessful in coming for our last convention due to difficulties in obtaining a visa. Pray the Lord make their visit to our country possible.