The Spiritual over the Material

Recently, with several district chairmen in the BELC we have been working on a survey of our church buildings. When I arrived at Indira Nagar church building, there was an old woman with grey hair sitting under the portico. I thought well maybe she wants a little money, but she did not hold out her hand. It was better than that. When I went into the building, she came in also and I thought maybe she wanted me to pray for her. On this trip I prayed for seven old ladies at several places. But it was better than that. When I was in the building I saw out of the corner of my eye Pastor Parandaman bring a pitcher of water in. I thought that was kind so the fellows could have a drink. But it was better than that. While Pastor Parandaman is not the pastor at Indira Nagar, but at a different village I didn’t think too much of that as different pastors show up at different places. He had brought this woman over from his village for me to baptize her.What a privilege! She was a high caste Hindu convert. So I had the honor of baptizing Elizabeth. While she is old, she seems hale and hearty, so that we should pray she witnesses to others in her village of her Lord Jesus. Pastor himself is a Hindu convert out of the Sanar caste. When he converted, he was ostrazied by his family and still is. But God knows where he lives and looks out for him and now has added a new member to pastor’s congregation of about 30 souls. It just gets better and better.