New Church/School Building Needed in Etago, Kenya

During the time one of our Mission Helper teams was at Etago, Kenya, it was quite apparent to them that the building which houses the church and school known as St. David’s KINSHIP Academy is sorely in need of being replaced. (The school has been receiving financial support from KINSHIP.) Loren Hansen ,  who headed up the Mission Helper team, wrote in the Mission Helper blog, “I know that Christiana already said something about this, but the church they have here is literally about to collapse.  The walls are made out  of wooden frame and soil, and termites


ate the bottom of the frame.  And because the church is on a hill, whenever it rains, the soil erodes and piles up on one side and drags the wall away on the other side.  Today we literally saw a chunk of the wall just fall off all by itself.”

In response to this urgent need, the Board of Missions and the KINSHIP Committee decided to send $10,000 this month ($5,000 from MDF and $5,000 from KINSHIP) to reconstruct this building. It was hoped that while Loren was there, he could help with the preliminary work on this project.