November 9, 2020 | Todd Ohlmann

Missionary Ohlmann’s annual visit to Zambia was canceled due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

Pastoral training classes in Livingstone were suspended until early 2021 due to government regulations concerning the pandemic.

Pastor Ibrahim contracted Covid 19 while visiting his family in Tanzania. He recovered quickly but spent several months in Tanzania unable to return to Zambia because border crossings were suspended due to the pandemic.

July 2019

August 1, 2019 | Todd Ohlmann

Four CLC Mission Helpers spent three weeks working with Pastor Ibrahim and the CLC-Zambia conducting Child Evangelism in several congregations, schools, and preaching stations in the Livingstone and Lusaka areas.

March 2019

March 9, 2019 | Todd Ohlmann

In March, the CLC-Zambia was able to purchase a building on the outskirts of Livingstone with a grant from the CLC-Mission Development Fund. With an anonymous memorial gift, they were able to begin repairs, renovations, and classroom construction. This building will serve as a Church Building, Bible Institute, CLC-Z Office and Library, Student Dormitory, and Teacher Housing.

February 2019

February 19, 2019 | Todd Ohlmann

Missionary Ohlmann visited Zambia and worked with Pastor Ibrahim for three weeks. While in Zambia he conducted pastoral training seminars in Kitwe, Lusaka, and Livingstone.

July 2018

December 18, 2018 | Todd Ohlmann

A team of five CLC Mission Helpers visit Zambia to work with Pastor Ibrahim. They conduct child evangelism in several locations in the Lusaka and Livingstone districts.

December 2017

| Todd Ohlmann

Missionary Ohlmann visited Zambia for three weeks. He visited and taught pastoral training seminars in the Lusaka, Kitwe, and Livingstone districts. He also met with Pastor Yumba of the CLC-D.R. of Congo (DRC) while he was in Kitwe since he was denied a visa to visit DRC.

Ibrahim makes plans to move to Livingstone to serve the CLC-Zambia congregation there after their pastor died. He is also training more men to be pastors in this area.


April 29, 2016 | Todd Ohlmann

Initial Contact – 2010

Pastor Ibrahim (who was trained in the CLC-East Africa Seminary in Himo, Tanzania) visited Zambia at the invitation of a friend who wanted to start a CLC congregation in Zambia. He found several individuals who were troubled that they couldn’t find a Lutheran church that taught the truth.


Pastor Ibrahim moved to Lusaka, Zambia and established the CLC-Zambia. He also started a congregation, began several outreach efforts, and began meeting with evangelists and pastors in the area who were interested in the teachings of the CLC.


Missionary Matt Ude and Pastor Todd Ohlmann visited Zambia to meet with Pastor Ibrahim and to assist in explaining the doctrinal positions of the CLC to several pastors and individuals in Lusaka who were interested. They used the CLC Statement of Faith and Purpose as an outline for their discussions. Several individuals expressed agreement with what had been taught and asked for a regular schedule of pastoral training seminars. Funding from the MDF was authorized to subsidize the expenses for monthly pastoral training classes to be conducted by Pastor Ibrahim.


CLC Mission Helpers (Heidi Lau, Lydia Albrecht, Riley Noeldner, Lucas Brown, Todd Ohlmann) visited Zambia to work with Pastor Ibrahim and to conduct child evangelism.

Pastor Ohlmann visited with several pastors in Livingstone and near Lusaka who had been discussing doctrine with Pastor Ibrahim. He used the CLC Statement of Faith and Purpose as an outline for two days of discussions with each group. This resulted in two new districts being started in the CLC-Zambia with several independent pastors meeting for monthly pastoral training seminars taught by Pastor Ibrahim.