D. R. Congo

February/March 2020

November 9, 2020 | Todd Ohlmann

Missionary Ohlmann visited the D.R. Congo in February to assist with the graduation and ordination of seven men who have completed their pastoral training over the past 3+ years. This service was held in Manono in the Tanganyika province to the north of Lubumbashi. Three other pastors were ordained during separate worship services at the congregations where they currently serve.




November – 2019

| Todd Ohlmann

Pastor Kossi Blewu and Missionary Peter Evensen (from Togo) were able to join Missionary Ohlmann for a three-week visit to the D.R.C. in November. They spent the majority of their time in the Lubumbashi area in the southern part of DRC working with Pastor Yumba and the pastors/students who have been studying and preparing for ordination and visiting the construction site of Holy Trinity Lutheran Bible Institute in Ntonda. They were also able to visit Kinshasa for the first face-to-face meeting with Pastor Jacques Pondi Lumiangu who has been in correspondence with the CLC for the past few years. Seminars were conducted in both places.



November 6, 2020 | Todd Ohlmann

There were no visitations to the D.R. Congo from 2014-2018. This was partially because of a lapse in having a CLC missionary assigned to the DRC and to the difficulty in obtaining visas during the national elections.

Missionary Ohlmann was able to visit with Pastor Yumba in northern Zambia in 2017 and 2018.


2013 – January

April 4, 2013 | Matthew Ude

I, Missionary Matthew Ude, along with my wife Vanessa arrived for the 2012 visit on January 14th.


I taught the pastors of the CCLC for two days starting earlier in the morning and going late into the afternoon. We went through an in depth study of the means of grace. We were able to attend service in Kipushi, Kalubwe, and Whiski with Pastor Yumba. We meet with the young adults and the women of the CCLC, both were very interested in establishing closer ties with the US. They asked about channels where they could more easily meet and dialog with christian brothers in the US. They were further interested in materials for studying and teaching the Word of God.

We had some small problems getting across the border into Zambia, but when we made it a large gathering of the members of three different churches were waiting for us in Kitwe. We spent two days discussing the Sacraments with all the members who were able to make it. On the afternoon of the second day we meet with just the leaders and briefly skimmed through the CLC Statement of Faith and Purpose as an introduction to our church.


We were planning to visit the congregations in North Katanga but were not able to make this work because of time and the rains. Instead we held classes in the afternoon with the Pastors in and near Lubumbashi for three days. We studied Noah and Baptism, parables, and homiletics. We were able to worship with the congregation at Kenia and Muzakuza’s own congregation, Trinity. In both churches the women asked for helping in setting up a small business aimed at helping members of the congregations.

We finished with a joint pastoral conference with the pastors of the CCLC and ELCC.

Lusaka, Zambia

Because of the rains and the limited time, Ibrahim suggested it would not work well to attempt a pastoral conference in Lusaka. We were able to spend a day doing village evangelism, and had a worship service at the same village.

It was suggested by everyone that August would be a more opportune time to visit. It is our plan to follow this advice beginning this coming August.


2012 – January

January 4, 2012 | Matthew Ude

Pastor Todd Ohlmann and Missionary Matthew Ude arrived for the 2011 visit in the middle of January 2012.

They met to teach the pastors of the ELCC and visit the two Lubumbashi ELCC congregations for two days. During class they discussed the role of the Holy Spirit and a proper understanding of the gifts of the Holy Spirit

With pastor Yumba of the CCLC they went to the dedication of a new school in Whiski. They also visited with pastors in Kitwe Zambia whom pastor Yumba has been working with. They met for a day with representatives from eight congregations near and around Kitwe. They discussed the basic Christian doctrines as outlined by the CLC statement of fiath and Purpose. Pastor Yumba will continue to meet and teach with these pastors.

They spent a day at a joint conference with the pastors from the CCLC and the ELCC in attendance.

The translation committee has six newly translated Swahili documents as well as reprinting numerous previously translated Swahili and French material. They have also begun work on a Swahili translation of Luther’a small catechism.

2010 – August

August 4, 2010 | Matthew Ude

Pastor Nathanael Mayhew (part-time visiting missionary to East Africa), Pastor Todd Ohlmann (CLC Bd of Missions Chairman), and Mr. Martin Essien (of the Nigeria-CLC) spent 12 days the Lubumbashi, Congo area to visit the leaders and pastors of the ELCC and CCLC with prayer for lasting reconciliation so that the work of spreading the truth of God’s saving Word might go on unhindered. Pastors, leaders, evangelists, Sunday School Teachers, and elders of the two church bodies met together for four days of joint Bible training classes. On the final day a study of Church Unity and Church Organization was presented along with a proposed resolution to the ongoing disputes between the two church bodies. Three officers from each church body joyfully signed the resolution and agreed to forgive the sins of the past and work together for the glory of our Savior and for the expansion of God’s Kingdom in D.R. Congo. Translation work will be the first joint project of the CCLC and ELCC and they are planning a joint worship service for December when Mr. Essien will return. Pastor Yumba of the CCLC reports that he has very viable contacts in Zambia who are interested in starting a Lutheran congregation. Pastor Ohlmann and Pastor Mayhew recommend a declaration of fellowship with the CCLC along with the funding of specific outreach/mission projects as funds are available in the MDF.

2009 August

August 4, 2009 | Matthew Ude

During a visitation by Pastor Koenig serious difficulties were being dealt with that caused the situation in the ELCC to be one of great concern for prayer. A division over administration practices has caused several pastors and their congregations to form a different church. The majority of the ELCC and this smaller group over a two year period could not find a resolution to work together. Because of this all normal activities between us and them are in jeopardy. We pray.

2008 September

September 4, 2008 | Matthew Ude

Pastor Koenig visited the ELCC in Lubumbashi. Discussions were held with: Pastor Muzakuza, translation comm., catechists, pastors. It is hoped that a loan program can be started for pastors this year.


April 4, 2007 | Matthew Ude

A visitation was held of missionary and Martin Essien from the NCLC in Nov. Plans were made for next year on: self-help, training, catechist teaching and translation work.

While the statistics reflect a growth, there has to be taken into account that many are not in confessional fellowship yet. The base is 40 pastors and assistants and 12 catechists serving 1001 souls in 26 congregations. Adding to this the inquirers and it is 91 pastors and assistants serving 3102 souls in 45 congregations.


April 4, 2006 | Matthew Ude

From Nov. 15th to Dec. 9th Pastor David Povolny was in the DRC beginning his work to replace Pastor Koenig who was only present for one week. Pastor Povolny carried out teaching, preaching and advising as the new man under the limited call from the Mission Board for Congo

November 6-16. 2005

November 17, 2005 | Matthew Ude

Mission Board members B. Naumann and L. Hansen with missionary held meetings with pastors, catechists, translation committee and leaders as well as visiting several congregations.


April 4, 2005 | Matthew Ude

Seven roofing projects helped – Translation work progresses well – Increased numbers require tests of all pastors – French materials being made available as well as Swahili – Church Registration and Farming Project fail to prove workable.


April 4, 2004 | Matthew Ude

This year marked the first assistance from the CLC to seven churches for roofing. The missionary was on the field in November. We continue supplying Pastor Muzakuza financing and teaching materials to teach his pastors. Their translation committee finished the Swahili catechism for printing.

There are 1990 members served by 24 pastors and 18 assistants.

November 22-27, 2003

November 28, 2003 | Matthew Ude

The first visit by the missionary to Katanga Province was carried out with the visiting of congregations. Meetings were also held with ELCC women, a translation committee and catechists. The meeting with ELCC pastors of south Katanga was to try to orientate them to us and our help for them.

November 14-16, 2002

November 16, 2002 | Matthew Ude

The first meeting of representatives of the Etago CLC, LCEA and ELCC was held at Uchira, Tanzania, to enjoy fellowship, discuss the starting of the seminary, and to study God’s Word. Pastors Muzakuza and Mbayo attended.

October 2002

October 4, 2002 | Matthew Ude

A visitation was finally carried out in south Katanga centered in Lubumbashi, by the missionary.  This being the first visit to the area where the bulk of the ELCC congregations are, there was much to be reported.  The church’s head, Pastor Muzakuza, with aid from the CLC, is working to train his pastors through visits, classes and printed material.  Catechists are being trained to teach the catechism.  A translation committee is working on translating confessional Lutheran statements.

June 2002

June 4, 2002 | Matthew Ude

The CLC in convention declared itself in fellowship with the ELCC, based on doctrinal discussions between the missionary and the ELCC President and lengthy correspondence.  The ELCC appealed for a fellowship relationship with the CLC to the CLC President.

May 2002

May 4, 2002 | Matthew Ude

In the ELCC there are 27 pastors serving 1063 souls divided into three districts.  It was not possible to go easily to the unstable countryside, so the discussions were held again in Kinahasa with Pastor Muzakuza and his two preachers in Kinshasa.  The desire of a declaration of fellowship was sent by letter to the CLC.  Many problems in getting materials to them and translated and duplicated were worked on.  There continued a clear willingness to abide by the Word in all matters commanded or forbidden.  The original and a second congregation in Kinshasa were visited by the missionary.

January 2002

January 4, 2002 | Matthew Ude

A planned doctrinal visitation from the USA was cancelled.  Membership was 980 souls in 26 congregations reported by Pastor Muzakuza.  In 1999 it had been 394 in 10 congregations and in 2001 it was 589 souls in 18 congregations.

May 2001

May 4, 2001 | Matthew Ude

Doctrinal discussions were held on a variety of subjects between Pastors Koenig and Muzakuza.  There appeared to be no doctrinal differences.  Previously, questionaires and specific doctrinal statements had been sent with no disagreement evident.  The delay in any face-to-face meeting was due to the war raging in the Congo.  French catechisms have been sent and are being used.  During this visit a new congregation in Kinshasa was started.  Pastor Koenig held two doctrinal meetings with this group to explain our teachings.

October 13, 1998

October 13, 1998 | Matthew Ude

As of this date, Pastor Muzakuza’s group called itself the Eglise Lutherienne de Confession du Congo, ELCC, basically us in the Congo.

Initial Contact

October 1, 1998 | Matthew Ude

Pastor Mutombo Muzakuza was baptized Catholic and joined a confessional Reformed Church in 1978, ordained as a bishop in 1977. He left and sought to form a new church in the Lutheran mold, as suggested by a Methodist bishop. The chairman of the CLC Mission Board corresponded with Pastor Muzakuza in April 1998. The correspondence was turned over to the missionary. A quantity of French and English doctrinal and devotional materials has been sent.