Mission Visitation to East Africa

After a recent visitation, part-time visiting foreign missionary Nathanael Mayhew of Zion, Atlanta,GA, reports:map of east africa

“We thank the Lord for the many faithful pastors and leaders He has provided for His church in East Africa who serve the Lord with joy and zeal. These men have a desire to grow in the Word and to teach it to others which is too seldom found in our world.We are thankful to see that many congregations which were once part of the LCEA in Tanzania have left that church body eager to remain in fellowship with the CLC. Progress is also being made in resolving the ownership of the seminary building in Himo, Tanzania. We pray that the Lord will enable us to resume the instruction of men for the pastoral ministry there in the future. Until that time comes we continue to support two temporary theological schools, one in Kenya and the other in Tanzania,for the training of men for the ministry. We also re-organized the effort in East Africa into six districts under the umbrella of the Church of the Lutheran Confession in East Africa. We pray that this structure will enable our churches to more effectively and efficiently work with us and one another to proclaim the whole counsel of God in East Africa.”