November 2012

2nd Annual West Africa CLC Pastoral Conference

17 pastors were in attendance from Nigeria, and Togo. The pastors all gave short reports on their individual congregations. Essays were given: We Work in Fear and Trembling in our Daily Life by Essien Michael Ekong, The Work of Salvation in Us by Eric Johnson, God Works Salvation for us by Pastor Bassey Udofa.

Pastor Eric has been working with a church in Contonou, Benin. At the conference we again met with Pastor Orji. There are a number of doctrinal issues that need to be cleared up but we continue to pray that the Lord may bless Eric’s work in this field.

Money has been set aside to disperse more material especially bibles and catechisms among the churches and members. The following was reported by Patrick Udo in connection with this.

– Each pastor has received as a gift a copy of efik or english bible ( 15 )

– Each Congregation has received as a gift efik or enlgish bible ( 15  )

– Each congregation received Efik Lutheran Agenda, except Lagos, Badagari, and Port Harcourt. These three need English agendas instead of the Efik.