January 2012

Missionary Matthew Ude was unable to make a visit to Togo, but did meet with Kossi in Badagari at the Joint West Africa CLC Pastoral Conference. Pastor Kossi along with five young men studying for the ministry under Kossi’s guidance, arrived in Badagari.

Kossi’s congregations in Varipariso ( 100 adults ) and Segby ( 20 adults ) remain about the same. He does however have two additional outreach areas. Both areas began with families who asked Kossi to come preach and have since grown slightly, in Hatoe there are about 9 adults, and 12 in Zangara. Kossi is also pursuing the possibility of working across the border in Benin.

He still has about five young men whom he is working at training for the ministry. He has taken them through the Catechism, “What does the Bible Say,” and is currently working on “What is preaching.” Besides this he prints out the ministry by mail each week and goes through that with them as well.