2012 – January

Pastor Todd Ohlmann and Missionary Matthew Ude arrived for the 2011 visit in the middle of January 2012.

They met to teach the pastors of the ELCC and visit the two Lubumbashi ELCC congregations for two days. During class they discussed the role of the Holy Spirit and a proper understanding of the gifts of the Holy Spirit

With pastor Yumba of the CCLC they went to the dedication of a new school in Whiski. They also visited with pastors in Kitwe Zambia whom pastor Yumba has been working with. They met for a day with representatives from eight congregations near and around Kitwe. They discussed the basic Christian doctrines as outlined by the CLC statement of fiath and Purpose. Pastor Yumba will continue to meet and teach with these pastors.

They spent a day at a joint conference with the pastors from the CCLC and the ELCC in attendance.

The translation committee has six newly translated Swahili documents as well as reprinting numerous previously translated Swahili and French material. They have also begun work on a Swahili translation of Luther’a small catechism.