The CLC-USA at their Jubilee Convention in June declared fellowship with the CLCM. Our prayers are for a growing relationship to work together to spread the Word. Pastor Koenig was present in the country for two weeks in November. A four day seminar was held in Kalay with over 80 participating. All congregations were represented. Meeting with the Executive Committee a number of items were discussed on how we can help. We continue to pray and work toward the purchase of land in Kalay that can serve as a site for: a church bldg., housing for Pastors Thang and Kham and families, a room where teaching can go on of men interested in the ministry of the CLCM. An opportunity arose to conduct a two day seminar in Yangon on what the Lutheran church teaches. Pastor Edwards there was interested in learning more about the CLC and giving the people information on Lutherans. Over 40 attended.