2010 – August

Pastor Nathanael Mayhew (part-time visiting missionary to East Africa), Pastor Todd Ohlmann (CLC Bd of Missions Chairman), and Mr. Martin Essien (of the Nigeria-CLC) spent 12 days the Lubumbashi, Congo area to visit the leaders and pastors of the ELCC and CCLC with prayer for lasting reconciliation so that the work of spreading the truth of God’s saving Word might go on unhindered. Pastors, leaders, evangelists, Sunday School Teachers, and elders of the two church bodies met together for four days of joint Bible training classes. On the final day a study of Church Unity and Church Organization was presented along with a proposed resolution to the ongoing disputes between the two church bodies. Three officers from each church body joyfully signed the resolution and agreed to forgive the sins of the past and work together for the glory of our Savior and for the expansion of God’s Kingdom in D.R. Congo. Translation work will be the first joint project of the CCLC and ELCC and they are planning a joint worship service for December when Mr. Essien will return. Pastor Yumba of the CCLC reports that he has very viable contacts in Zambia who are interested in starting a Lutheran congregation. Pastor Ohlmann and Pastor Mayhew recommend a declaration of fellowship with the CCLC along with the funding of specific outreach/mission projects as funds are available in the MDF.