TCLC – Arusha (Aug.-Sept. 2010) – At the CLC East African Pastoral Conference in Kisii, Kenya a reorganization took place which divided our churches into three districts. One district was the TCLC – Arusha under the leadership of Pastor Jeremiah Issangya. Mission Board Chairman Todd Ohlmann, Russ Schmitt, Stephen Mayhew, Pastor Michael Gurath and Missionary Mayhew visited congregations of the Arusha district and conducted a seminar for district leaders. Books were brought for the seminary and a meeting took place with the faculty. The souls of the newly formed Arusha district number around 900.

TCLC – Moshi (Aug.-Sept. 2010) – A second Tanzanian district was formed in the Moshi area under the leadership of Pastor Ebenezer Malyi. Two congregations which have been greatly affected by the defection of Pastor Angowi from the CLC were visited. Both the Machame and Himo congregations have left the LCEA and have joined the TCLC – Moshi district. It was a joy to be able to visit these congregations and encourage them in their faithfulness to God’s Word. The Moshi district numbers about 1400 souls.

TCLC – Tanga (Aug.-Sept. 2010) – The third district in Tanzania is the Tanga district which is under the leadership of Pastor Michael Gondwe. Pastors Ohlmann, Gurath and Mayhew spent two days visiting congregations in the hills around Tanga, and put on a one day seminar for the pastors of the Tanga district. There is a great deal of work going on in this district which is very exciting. There are currently about 1000 souls in the Tanga district.