The church has formally changed its name to the CLCM. A formal letter of application for fellowship with the CLC has been forwarded to the President. Possible questions on teachings were answered very satisfactority during a visitation by M. Bohde and D. Koenig in November. A three day seminar was held attended by 66 registered men and all 56 congregations were represented by at least one man. Translation work and printing continues to allow all pastors and elders to have our teachings in print before them. The catechism has been distributed throughout the church. A motorcycle was given to the President of the CLCM to allow him to travel to the churches more easily. Land is being investigated as a site for a church, offices, housing and classroom. One of the evangelists is working among Burmese soldiers at a military camp. What a joy to see the outreach and the receptivity of these people to the pure Word.