Assessed work among Masai and others – Investigated how to better do the Seminary

October 27-November 1 – Mission Board members B. Naumann and L. Hansen with missionary held meetings with pastors, seminary students and teachers and visited several congregations.

October 31 – Twenty-five pastors and seminary students attended study conference.

Fourteen are enrolled in the seminary.


Organizing – Assessed work among the Masai – Tests to be given to all pastors.

One trip made in spring to Uganda by Pastors Jeremiah and Alex.

October 17-21 – Trip to Mbale and Kampala, Uganda by Pastors Jeremiah, Alex and Koenig and Charles to instruct and inform and assess.

October 26 – Four represented the CLCEA at Nairobi study conference and met with Mission Board representatives Naumann and Hansen.

October 27 – Seventeen pastors and others attended study and discussion with Mission Board members and missionary.


Missionary present in November for visitation.

Some new pastors joined the LCEA.

Fourteen were enrolled at St. Peter’s.