Problems between two sections of our sister church resulted in another group being registered due to not being able to work together. With the missionary on the field in December, meetings and discussion were held toward a God-pleasing resolution. The LCEA has started serious work at Tanga and Dar es Salam. The CLCEA has also started work among the Masai with baptisms just as it has been with the LCEA. A rapprochement is beginning with two men going to St. Peter’s Seminary, God-willing, in February from the CLCEA. Both groups have gained members from the old large Lutheran church, ELCR.

LCEA has 9 pastors and various assistants and evangelists serving 793 members. St. Peter’s Seminary has 10 students.

CLCEA has 12 pastors and 7 assistants serving 819 members, including a station in Uganda.