2003 (CLCI)

June — Nidubrolu Bible Institute graduated another class.  Seventeen are in the new school year.
July 15-August 5 — Mission Helpers Evensen, Busse and Owings arrive.  The two young ladies spend time with the orphans going over material used in VBS.  Peter Evensen teaches in the seminary.
July-October — Missionary goes on three circuits during which he teaches at Nidubrolu.  Hindi and Telegu catechisms are secured.  Bibles are purchased for distribution.
August 13-14 — English Pastoral Conference is held in Chennai and attended by CLCI men.  Total attendance is 24.
October — Mission Board approves building a second floor over original mission house for institute student hostel and to house male orphans.  An acre is purchased for a future orphan school.