2003 (BELC)

July 15-August 5 — Mission Helpers Evensen, Busse and Owings arrive.  Peter Evensen teaches at Nagalapuram and Nellore centers.  The two young ladies conduct VBS in ten congregations covering over 700 children.  The Jesus video is shown in connection with the VBS.
July — The CLC sets up the Jesus Video Film Ministry for BELC to use.
August 13-15 — Joint English Pastoral Conference is held at Chennai with total attendance of 24
July-October — Missionary on the field taking three circuits teaching and preaching centering at Nellore and Nagalapuram centers. Thrity-six congregations are visited.  The five districts had 36 pastors.  50 new pastors are going through training. Catechisms and Bibles are distributed.

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October 16 — Paul Raj ordained
November — The BELC sends Pastor Victor to begin mission work in Cuddapah District of Andhra Pradesh with Mission Board support.  Meetings begin also in Velur (Sampath) and Renigunta (Moses).