2002 (BELC)

January 23-February 6 — The missionary was sent to sift through to ascertain the truth and then to salvage our work there for Him.  Pastor Bas finally admitted his sin and asked for forgiveness.  The missionary assured him of it.  The missionary asked for Pastor Bas to resign his presidency of the BELC for the best interests of the work.  Pastor Bas declined.  Over the time of this visit, meetings were held and the situation was explained to the pastors.  Around 40 pastors indicated their desire to remain in fellowship with the CLC.  Interim arrangements were made.  Continued corespondence since this time has been carried on to try to clarify situations.  Earnest prayer was called for.  The situation will be further clarified in the next visit of the missionary.
April 15 — Pastor Bas informed us that he was closing the orphanage and school as of this date.
May — The first VBS classes were held in six congregations with total attendance of 265.
September-October — Missionary was able to visit 38 stations of both new and old.  The division between the 36 pastors who remain with the CLC and Pastor Bas was worked on with finally a lawyer being consulted.
September 25-27 — The Second Joint English Pastoral Conference at Guntur was attended by 11 pastors of the BELC
October 1-2 — Meetings were held at Nagalapuram for up to 65 pastors both old and new.
October 11-22 — Mission Helper, Tim Schreyer, arrived and assisted the missionary in preaching, visiting and teaching.
October 18 — An ordination service presided over by Pastor V.S. Benjamin was conducted at Koppedu for the men who had completed the two year course: Moses, Paul, T. Sampath, John Victor, Bhasker.
Statistics — Nellore District – 16 ‘old’ pastors serve 765 souls, and 12 applicants serve 482.  Four Districts (Chennai, Uthukottai, SriKalahasti, Koppedu) – 20 ‘old’ pastors serve 1471 with 49 applicants serving 1316.