History of Tanzania

History of the CLC’s work in Tanzania
Initial Contact
On April 4, 2000 Pastor Jesse Angowi sent his inquiry about the CLC to Prof. Pfeiffer at ILC.  Since the missionary was going to Kenya for meetings with the Etago people at the end of April, an email was sent to Pastor Angowi of the Lutheran Church of East Africa inviting him to come to the meetings at Nairobi, Kenya.  Due to God’s blessing of email and its speed, the meeting took place.  The LCEA had withdrawn from the large Lutheran church in Tanzania over its liberalism, the last straw being the ordination of women.  At the time of the meeting in Nairobi, their church was two and a half years old.  They are registered in Tanzania.

April-May 2000
A several day meeting was held in Nairobi between Pastor Koenig and four pastors of the LCEA:  Angowi, Issangya, Ukotu, and Massawe.  Fourteen pamphlets and leaflets explaining our doctrinal position on a variety of subjects were presented by Pastor Koenig.  The Tanzanians also presented a doctrinal paper.  There was apparent agreement on all topics.  They want to have fellowship with the CLC.
January 2002
A proposed doctrinal meeting with the LCEA with representatives from the CLC-USA was cancelled by the CLC.  In a letter from the CLC President the LCEA was told “We apologize to you that we cannot come.  A number of things have happened that indicate to us that now is not the time…Rev. Koenig will be coming to visit with you.  He is asked to be the representative of the CLC, and and to report his recommendations.”
May 2002
Seven congregations were visited with three baptisms by the missionary.  Discussions on doctrine and practice were held reinforcing what was discussed last time.  They continue to desire fellowship with the CLC.  They are doing work among the Masai tribe in the Rift Valley.  The Muslims are also out there contending for men’s souls.  Only 10% of the Masai believe in Christ.  There was discussion on how to train their pastors and prospective pastors (ten men are waiting to train).  They have 15 congregations with a little under 1000 members.  In January of 2002 the LCEA numbered 737 souls in ten parishes.
June 2002
The CLC in convention declared itself to be in fellowship with the LCEA based on doctrinal discussions between the missionary and the officers of the LCEA after the LCEA appealed for fellowship to the CLC President.
October 24-28, 2002
The missionary and Mission Helper, Tim Schreyer, met with Pastor Angowi and others to work on the beginning of the new seminary at Himo.  It is prayed that the school might start early in 2003.  The missionary and Tim Schreyer assessed needs at Himo.
October 27, 2002
The first seminar was held with the missionary and seven LCEA pastors.  It is hoped that each year this can take place.
November 14-16, 2002
The first meeting of representatives of the Etago CLC, LCEA and ELCC was held in Uchira, Tanzania, hosted by the LCEA to enjoy fellowship, discuss the starting of the seminary, and to study God’s Word.
January-February 2003
Loren and Larry Hansen, Russ Schmitt and Josh Stelter worked on remodeling the building at Himo, Tanzania to be used as St. Peter’s Seminary.  With the help of members there, they carried out extensive work:  electrical, plumbing, carpentry.  Furniture was also supplied for the furnishing of the seminary.  The $27,000 for the purchase of the building was given by new CLC members of Mankato, MN, through the sale of their former church building.
May 2003
The Seminary was started with nine students this first year, taught by five pastors with varying teaching loads.  It was hoped that the subject matter could be caught up with as the normal school year starts in January.  As it now stands, it is a three year seminary.
November 2003
The missionary visited, preaching and teaching in varioius settings.  The Masai work continues being supported by the CLC especially in the Arusha area.  Three new stations have been started:  Mwakitau, Msitu wa Tembo, and Njoro.
2004 – LCEA and CLCEA
Problems between two sections of our sister church resulted in another group being registered due to not being able to work together.  With the missionary on the field in December, meetings and discussion were held toward a God-pleasing resolution.  The LCEA has started serious work at Tanga and Dar es Salam.  The CLCEA has also started work among the Masai with baptisms just as it has been with the LCEA.  A rapprochement is beginning with two men going to St. Peter’s Seminary, God-willing, in February from the CLCEA.  Both groups have gained members from the old large Lutheran church, ELCR.
LCEA has 9 pastors and various assistants and evangelists serving 793 members.  St. Peter’s Seminary has 10 students.   CLCEA has 12 pastors and 7 assistants serving 819 members, including a station in Uganda.
Year 2005 – LCEA Assessed work among Masai and others – Investigated how to better do the Seminary
October 27-November 1 – Mission Board members B. Naumann and L. Hansen with missionary held meetings with pastors, seminary students and teachers and visited several congregations.
October 31 – Twenty-five pastors and seminary students attended study conference.
Fourteen are enrolled in the seminary.
Year 2005 – CLCEA
Organizing – Assessed work among the Masai – Tests to be given to all pastors.
One trip made in spring to Uganda by Pastors Jeremiah and Alex.
October 17-21 – Trip to Mbale and Kampala, Uganda by Pastors Jeremiah, Alex and Koenig and Charles to instruct and inform and assess.
October 26 – Four represented the CLCEA at Nairobi study conference and met with Mission Board representatives Naumann and Hansen.
October 27 – Seventeen pastors and others attended study and discussion with Mission Board members and missionary.

Missionary present in November for visitation.
Some new pastors joined the LCEA.
Fourteen were enrolled at St. Peter’s.
Year 2006 – CLCEA

Missionary present in November for visitation.
New work was started at two Masai stations in April and May.
Members attended the pastoral conference at Kisii Oct. 24-25th.
Year 2007 – LCEA
A visitation was carried out in Nov. by Larry Hansen, Loren Hansen, Russ Schmitt, Pastor Mayhew and the missionary visiting, preaching teaching and helping to organize self-help projects. Pastoral conference was held Nov. 5th. Between Mayhew and Koenig several days were taught at the seminary.
Year 2007 – CLCEA
A visitation was carried out in Oct.-Nov. by Larry Hansen, Loren Hansen, Russ Schmitt, Pastor Mayhew and the missionary in teaching, preaching and helping in various translation and self-help areas. The Joint East African Pastoral Conf. was held Oct. 30-31 at Arusha with 28 attending. A seminar was held in the Masai district on Nov. 26th.  In four districts they now have 2332 souls served by 14 pastors and 19 evangelists.

In April 2008 Pastor Nathanael Mayhew was called as the CLC part-time Missionary to East Africa.

LCEA (Oct.-Nov. 2008)
– A visitation was made in October and November by Mission Board Chairman Bruce Naumann, Russ Schmitt and Missionary Mayhew. Pastor Naumann and Missionary Mayhew spent 6 days teaching in the seminary and participated in the Graduation of the first class from St. Peter’s Seminary in Himo. Eight men were graduated from a five year program. A seminar was also conducted in Moshi with pastors, leaders and seminary students.

CLCEA (Oct.-Nov. 2008)
– Mission Board Chairman Bruce Naumann, Russ Schmitt and Missionary Mayhew made a visitation of several churches of the CLCEA in October and November. A seminar was conducted in Arusha for pastors and Sunday School teachers.

LCEA (April-Sept. 2009)
– It was discovered that Pastor Angowi had entered into fellowship discussions with another Lutheran church body. Correspondence was carried out with Pastor Angowi by Missionary Mayhew and the CLC Mission Board to try to resolve the situation.

LCEA (Oct.-Nov. 2009)
– During his yearly visitation Missionary Mayhew seeks to meet with Pastor Angowi face to face to discuss events of the past six months. Finally the Missionary meets with Pastor Angowi. Angowi plans to work with another church body, bringing a break in fellowship between the LCEA and the CLC. This break in fellowship was formally declared by CLC President John Schierenbeck in February 2010. Missionary Mayhew, Mission Board Member Larry Hansen and Russ Schmitt met with other leaders of the LCEA who were not in agreement with Pastor Angowi and who agreed to remain with the CLC.

CLCEA (Oct.-Nov. 2009)
– Missionary Mayhew, Mission Board Member Larry Hansen and Russ Schmitt visited congregations among the Masai and conducted a conference for pastors and teachers in Arusha. Because of the Himo seminary was in question, meetings were held with pastors of the CLCEA to organize a temporary seminary program until the Himo seminary could be restarted. Eight students (some who had previously been enrolled at Himo) were prepared to begin studies.

TCLC – Arusha (Aug.-Sept. 2010)
– At the CLC East African Pastoral Conference in Kisii, Kenya a reorganization took place which divided our churches into three districts. One district was the TCLC – Arusha under the leadership of Pastor Jeremiah Issangya. Mission Board Chairman Todd Ohlmann, Russ Schmitt, Stephen Mayhew, Pastor Michael Gurath and Missionary Mayhew visited congregations of the Arusha district and conducted a seminar for district leaders. Books were brought for the seminary and a meeting took place with the faculty. The souls of the newly formed Arusha district number around 900.

TCLC – Moshi (Aug.-Sept. 2010)
– A second Tanzanian district was formed in the Moshi area under the leadership of Pastor Ebenezer Malyi. Two congregations which have been greatly affected by the defection of Pastor Angowi from the CLC were visited. Both the Machame and Himo congregations have left the LCEA and have joined the TCLC – Moshi district. It was a joy to be able to visit these congregations and encourage them in their faithfulness to God’s Word. The Moshi district numbers about 1400 souls.

TCLC – Tanga (Aug.-Sept. 2010)
– The third district in Tanzania is the Tanga district which is under the leadership of Pastor Michael Gondwe. Pastors Ohlmann, Gurath and Mayhew spent two days visiting congregations in the hills around Tanga, and put on a one day seminar for the pastors of the Tanga district. There is a great deal of work going on in this district which is very exciting. There are currently about 1000 souls in the Tanga district.

TCLC Arusha (Sept.-Oct. 2011)
– Missionary Michael Gurath, Russ Schmitt and Missionary Mayhew visited several Masai congregations west of Arusha, and spent 5 days teaching in the Arusha seminary. They also attended church at Pastor Jeremiah’s congregation in Usa River. Enrollment in the seminary is now up to 11.

TCLC Moshi (Sept.-Oct. 2011)
– Missionary Michael Gurath, Russ Schmitt and Missionary Mayhew visited the seminary building and congregation in Himo. The ownership of the seminary building is still being disputed, but we pray this will be resolved soon so that we may continue the training of our men for the ministry in East Africa. The congregation at Himo was visited again, and we attended services at Machame. We also visited Marangu where we have several congregations. The Joint East African Pastoral Conference was held September 21-22 2011 in Moshi. The Moshi district currently numbers about 800 souls.

TCLC Tanga (Sept.-Oct. 2011)
– Missionaries Gurath and Mayhew spent several days in the Tanga district. We attended church on Sunday at one congregation, and spent two days in a Pastoral Conference with the pastors of the Tanga district. We reviewed the Biblical teachings presented in Luther’s Small Catechism, and distributed copies to the pastors.

July 2012

  • Fourteen Mission Helpers (Pastor Michael Gurath, Jordan Horillo, Kirsten Gullerud, Kate Oster, Loren Hansen, Matthew Kranz, Jennifer Grabow, Randy Wittorp, Tom Naumann, Gretchen Eichstadt, Christiana Schreyer, Lucas Brown, Jessica Ohlmann, and Ashley Elliott) accompanied Pastor Ohlmann on a Mission Helper Trip to the East African countries of Kenya and Tanzania.
  • The fifteen Mission Helpers divided into three teams and traveled to three different areas of Kenya and Tanzania to proclaim the Gospel.
  • Team Etago worked primarily with the 196 children at the St. David Kinship Academy in Etago, Kenya. And visited a few area CLC-Kenya congregations.
  • Team Moi’s Bridge worked with the children at Holy Cross Lutheran School at Emmaus Milimani, Kenya. This team also had the opportunity to proclaim the Gospel to over 5,000 children in 13 area schools.
  • Team Tanzania visited several villages where CLC-Tanzania congregations are located in north Tanzania and south Kenya. They taught nearly 1,500 children in 19 locations.