History of South Africa


Correspondence had been carried on between Pastor Denis Mulumba of the ELCC and Pastor Koenig. Encouragement was given to Pastor Denis to do outreach work beyond the Democratic Republic of Congo. He decided to try in Johannesburg, SA. He, his wife and baby are now located in Joburg with the attempt to gather French speaking people into worship. His initial success was thwarted by riots against foreigners that compelled him to go to a different area of Joburg.

September – Pastor Koenig visited him and they discussed his effort and prayed over it. After gathering a group in worship Denis will try to register the church with the government.


Denis was visited by Pastor Koenig in August. Denis had found another man who he was taking through our teachings that they might together reach out. He was also taking university courses that would allow him to set up and maintain a website through which he hoped to reach out. After discussions with government officials it appears no  government registration was feasible at this time. Formal worship services have not been started yet as a suitable place has not been found.


While Pastor Koenig was able to visit Denis in August of 2010, there was still no progress in outreach. And then going into early 2011 a rupture occured due to Denis’ good name being called into question. We know of the high standards God lays down for preachers of His Word in the pastoral epistles. We cannot in good conscience assist or work with Denis until these matters are cleared up. We pray for him, his wife and children.