History of Ghana


March 2002

Since it appears that Gideon is located for the time being in Denu, Ghana (across the border from Togo), our work is now in Ghana also. During this visit the studies continued and there was discussion on outreach. Pastor Gideon holds services at the humble school with attendance at about 15. He also goes to his home village, Atidzive, to hold a Bible study for three people. He was given transport money to go there until the missionary returns to visit. The Easter service had 17. On April 3rd the missionary baptized Pastor and Mrs. Gideon’s baby son, Samuel, and another member’s 16 month old child, Godwin. A business loan was given to Pastor Gideon to help him provide for his family.

November 2002

The missionary made a brief visit to Denu with Pastor Gideon on the work. The international school with its proprietor, Daniel, have opted to bring in charismatics and exclude Gideon from teaching.

June 2003

Pastor Karl Stewart met with Pastor Gideon on the work.

November 2003

Pastor and Mrs. Koenig visited Gideon. A $300 loan was made to Gideon for trading. He will be investigating working in the ministry and in business in the area where his wife is staying with her mother.


Pastor Gideon has moved to the outskirts of Denu due to several problems. A Bible study is held with several people. The missionary was there in April.

Crown of Glory Lutheran Church
Work started in Tema – Roofed worship area in Denu – New man, Agossou, joining as pastor.
Missionary in the field in June and November.


Missionary and Pastor Gideon conferred briefly on the work. Hopefully several young men can complete study of the catechism and differences with other churches to attend NCLC Bible Institute next year. New work is starting in Accra

2007 Ghana – Crown of Glory Lutheran Church – Due to time factors the missionary was only able to meet with Pastor Gideon one day at Accra as well as with some other interested parties. It appears that the congregation in Denu may be disbanding as Pastor Gideon is trying to get work in Tema/Accra area.

2008 Ghana

January ’08 Pastor Gideon was visited by Pastors Ude and Koenig. Gideon continues to try to support himself with grants from the CLC. He has some contacts in Tema and Accra. Pastor Ude will now take over the visitation and contact here.

Dec ’08 Pastor Ude visits with Pastor Gideon.

Dec ’09 Gideon accompanies Pastor Ude on his visit to Togo, for an open pastoral conference with Pastor Kossi and the pastors of the NCLC from the Lagos area.

Aug 2010 Pastor Ude returns to Ghana briefly. Pastor Gideon travels to Togo to be present for the last half of the week of teaching in Togo. Pastor Ude and Pastor Gideon return to Ghana for a few days and visit Pastor Gideon’s congregation.