Developments in Myanmar

From the Field January 16, 2015

Land finally purchased.
In working together with our brethren in Myanmar in Chin State we rejoice that the land has finally been purchased upon which buildings could be constructed at Kalay. When Pastor Ohlmann and I are there in February we will discuss with the executive committee what we can do together on eventually moving from rented quarters to church owned property.
Name change
The people of the Church of the Lutheran Confession of Myanmar have asked to have their name changed to better reflect the people and culture. So Zomi Lutheran Church will likely be their new name. This is fine to reach out to the people of their area better with a name that resonates locally.

Instruction Classes

Pastor Edwards in Yangon finished before Christmas a class of three men and fourteen women who went through the basic teachings of our church through the catechism. Now the three men will lead in three preaching stations. The women will teach women and children in their areas. The CLC declared that fellowship exists between us and the National Lutheran Church of Myanmar at the June Convention.
Visitation by Two
A yearly visitation for teaching, preaching and discussions on joint efforts in His kingdom work will be carried out by Pastors Ohlmann and Koenig from Jan. 27-Feb. 11, ’15 at Yangon and Kalay.


The government of Myanmar continues to allow the freedom that came about when the commanding general of the military government became President. God rules.


With the new freedom for investment costs for us there are higher in hotel rooms, but it also allows us to use ATM’s now whereas previously they were non-existent. Money can be wired to both Yangon and Kalay for the work to be helped by us from the USA.

There was a time a few years ago when to have a meeting in Kalay outside of a formal church building we had to pay a ‘bribe’ to allow it. Now that is a thing of the past.


The country continues to be Buddhist with a vast majority in that religion. The Protestant mission work began after 1812. The Christians are mainly among the different tribal groups. Relatively few Burmese are Christian. Pray.