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Rajan Bhitrakohti

Rajan Bhitrakohti

By Pastor Rajan

The political background of the country is getting better and stable. Now the Democratic Party is leading the government. – . HCLCN pastors meet every month in Kathmandu for pastors’ fellowship and Bible study. – Public evangelism is prohibited however we go to individual houses to share the message of salvation. – This year alone we had 35 baptisms. – This year pastor JB visited the Eastern and the far-western region of Nepal. – The CLC kinship project as well as Eternal Life Church is sponsoring 10 orphans for their basic needs and other expenses.

This year we had a great privilege to welcome mission helpers. We were excited to welcome 12 mission helpers led by Pastor Todd Ohlmann. We also appreciate their sacrifice for the mission works; they left their comfort zones and came to work with us to reach out to the unreached.

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