CLCM Report

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Delivered by Kham – CLCM
a. The CLCM operates primarily in the Chin state of Myanmar, and works primarily among the ethnic group Teddim Chim ( there are 35 ethnic groups in Myanmar )
b. 95% of the population is Buddhist
c. The Headquarters are Munlai Kalaymo, Sagaing Division where any foreigner can visit without restriction from the government.
d. 9 pastors, 2 evangelists, and 1 worker – 56 congregations
e. Evangelist Hmang – is able to enter the military camps and speak in Burmese and preach and teach among the Burmese, especially among the military. Because his father was military he is able to enter among the military.
f. They have 3 schools, but these schools were shut down by the government
g. Able to purchase four plots of land for permanent site for CLCM
i. Build a church, office for chairman and secretary, later on children home, and college
h. It is our deep desire to open Lutheran Institute – There are young men waiting to enter into study for the ministry

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