CLCI General Report

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Delivered by Nireekshana – CLCI
a. Receiving a good number of phone calls based on Tract distribution
b. Activities through which members are joining CLCI
i. 1% Special Need
ii. 2-3% Walked in to the church
iii. 5-10% Tracts and Evangelism
iv. 15-20% VBS – Sunday School
v. 24-30% Gospel Meetings
vi. 15-20% Church Programs
vii. 55-70% Friend or Relative
c. CLCI has built 6 new prayer sheds and is desperately praying for 12 more in the coming year at the cost of $1,000 USD each
d. 27 converted Muslims are now pastors in the CLCI ( 1985 – 2011 ) – these pastors then return to the Muslim areas
e. Tribal Outreach – The Tribal people of India have no income, no jobs, little too eat and even schooling is denied to their children. The CLCI reaches out with the Gospel, but also with education, teaching reading and writing, distributing slates and slate pencils, and twice yearly conducting Medical Camps
f. Other Ministries
i. Audio Ministry ( sending out CDs every two weeks with messages )
ii. Film Ministries
iii. Prison Ministries ( One prisoner was released and worked as part time evangelist, but was than killed by his enemies. )
iv. Medical Camps
v. VBS ( 1,515 children this year )

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