BELC Districts Andaman, Nicobar Islands, and Chengleput

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Deepak JAPC 2014

Deepak JAPC 2014

By Pastor Deepak Immanuel

The main point of Pastor Deepak Immanuel’s report is to show how the Indian subcontinent has suffered from a lack of God’s word. Not just the Hindu’s who do not have the word of God but even those claiming to be Christian, who although they have the Bible and pastors, nevertheless neither the people nor the pastors understand or teach even the most basic teachings of our Savior.

“Very sadly I want to say that today we can see the same condition of the Christian people, they do not know the scriptures and the pastors and the preachers totally unfit to teach.”  – Pastor Deepak Immanuel

Although he spoke little about his districts in his report afterwards he gave some information in an oral report which was recorded and is available to listen to here.


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