The question has arisen, what if a pastor wants to join our church, what should we do about that?  Our practice is to have a meeting or colloquy with him.  Several of our church body sit with him for a period of time and ask him questions as to what he believes according to the Bible.  The answers should be given with the Scripture support for the answers.

Before this meeting or meetings, the man should be asked what church he came from, what training and where did he receive it, why did he leave the previous church body, why does he want to join our church.  It should also be found out from those in his previous church if he was under church discipline or such.  Are there some problems he had with the other church that should be settled with them first?  As much information should be found out about the man as possible before the meeting to discuss our teachings.

If he agrees with our teachings and there is no moral problem he has that would keep him from the ministry, then the committee of men can act on his request to join with us.  If possible it would be good to get in writing statements or testimonials from people who know him about his life personality, ability and previous service.  It also will have to be determined how much training the man will need to be a pastor.

The following are questions to ask in the colloquy meeting.  These are referenced by Roman numerals to “My Church and Others” and by capital letters to 14 pamphlets or leaflets on our teachings.  The answers the man gives to these questions may lead you to ask other questions also.  The references are for you and if need be to give to the man if he answers incorrectly to explain to him the proper Scripture answer.

l.   What is the Bible?  I
2.  What does it mean that the Bible is inspired?  I
3.  What can we learn about God from looking around at nature and from our conscience?  II
4.  Explain the Trinity.  III
5.  Who are the angels and what do they do?  IV
6.  How did God create the world?  V
7.  How long a time did God use to create the world?  V
8.  What is the image of God?  VI
9.  What is sin?  VII
10.  Are little children sinful?  VII,  A
11.  What has sin made of man?  VII
12.  What is predestination or election?  VIII
13.  Who is Jesus Christ?  IX
14.  How do you know He is God?  IX
15.  What are Christ’s two natures?  IX
16.  How did Jesus save us?  X
17.  What is the grace of God?  X,  B
18.  In Conversion does man have a power?  XI,  B
19.  What is faith in Christ?  XII,  B
20.  Did Christ die for the sins of the whole world?  XIII,  X
21.  What does it mean to repent?  XIV,  C
22.  What are good works?  XV
23.  Who is the Holy Spirit?  XV
24.  Define prayer.  XVI
25.  What are the means of grace?  XVII,  A.  E.  F.
26.  What do we receive through the means of grace?  XVII
27.  Explain the difference between the Law and the Gospel?  XVIII,  H
28.  What are the sacraments?  XIX,  A,  E,  F
29.  What is baptism?  XX
30.  Should be baptize little babies?  XX,  A
31.  What is communion?  XXI,  E,  F
32.  Who should or should not take communion?  XXI,  F
33.  What is the Holy Christian Church?  XXII
34.  Why should we belong to a church that is based only on God’s Word and what should we do if false teaching is taught?  XXII. I,J,K
35.  What is the ministry?  XXIII
36.  What is the difference between the universal priesthood of all believers and the office of the ministry?  XXIII
37.  May women be preachers, teach men and have authority over men in the church?  L:
38.  What is the antichrist?  XXIV
39.  Do we have the power to perform miracles today as the apostles did?  M, N
40.  What is the difference between the church and the state (government)?  XXV
41.  Define marriage.  XXVI,  D
42.  Explain the resurrection of the dead.  XXVII
43.  What will it be like on the last day in the judgment?  XXVIII
44. Where do people go who believe in Jesus, and where do people go who do not believe in Jesus?  XXIX
45.  Why should one go to church, study God’s Word?  O

Remember that there are many more questions that can be asked.  This is a basic outline.  Questions will be asked as the answers indicate further questioning is needed.

A.  Baptism
B.  What is a Lutheran?
C.  Victim of our Times
D.  Sanctification
E.  Communion
F.  Close Communion
H.  Law and Gospel
I    Fellowship
J.  Fellowship )shorter
K.  You Have One Master, the Christ
L.  Position of Women in the Church
M. Test the Spirits
N.  Baptism of the Spirit
O.  Going to Church