CLC Mission Opportunities Prayer List 16 AUG 2018

Myanmar– the annual monsoon season brought more rain than usual in July. Over 100,000 people have been forced from their homes due to extensive flooding. There have also been several deaths. The CLC Board of Missions was able to provide some financial support through the Mission Development Fund (MDF) to provide basic assistance to several families in Yangon.

Nepal – There has also been extensive flooding in Nepal. A few HCLCN families have lost crops and farm land due to heavy rains and landslides.

Nepal– A new “anti-conversion” law goes into effect on August 17. The anti-conversion law is a part of article 36 of the newly adopted constitution that reads:

“no one attempt to change or convert someone from one religion to another, or disturb or jeopardize the religion of others, and such acts/activities shall be punishable by law.

Some have offered a rather strict interpretation of this new law that would forbid baptisms and any preaching of or explaining the Gospel of Jesus Christ to anyone who is not already a Christian. Pray that the Lord would thwart these attempts of Satan to eliminate the proclamation of the Gospel and use this persecution to strengthen the faith of His children in Nepal. “Thy Kingdom Come…”

Tanzania – the CLC-Tanzania continues to work on plans to start the Wartburg Lutheran Seminary in Arusha, Tanzania. There are currently twelve men from four districts who are planning to study God’s word to prepare them for the ministry. Pray that the Lord will provide all that is necessary for this important work to go forward.

Missionary Peter Evensen/India– The majority party in India is called the BJP. This party currently has the most political influence. The prime minister of India represents the BJP. The BJP has a Hindu Nationalist platform that promotes the idea of making Hinduism the official religion of India. The government in India is making it more and more difficult to spread the Gospel. All of this has led to more scrutiny by immigration officers as individuals enter and leave India on a regular basis. Pray that Missionary Evensen will not be hampered as he prepares to return to his work in India.

Zambia– Pastor Ibrahim will be moving from Lusaka to Livingstone soon. The main pastor in the Livingstone area died rather suddenly over a year ago. By moving to Livingstone, Pastor Ibrahim will be able to spend more time serving and instructing the congregation in the truths of God’s saving word. He will also be working to prepare men in the area to serve as faithful preachers and teachers of God’s saving Word in the preaching stations in this area of Zambia.

West Africa (Nigeria, Togo, Benin, Ghana, Liberia) – It has been several years since the CLC affiliated church bodies have been able to gather for a conference. A conference is being planned for November. Pray that the Lord will bless efforts to organize a West Africa Joint Pastoral Conference this fall.

Mission Festivals– Several congregations will be hosting Mission Festivals over the next couple of months. Missionaries Evensen and Ohlmann have been invited to preach in many of our CLC congregations. Thank the Lord for these opportunities to rejoice in and consider the privilege we have all been given to be His ambassadors. Pray also that the Lord will grant them safe travels and that the truths of God’s saving word that they preach will serve the purpose for which God gave it.

CLC Online Theological Studies– continue to pray for the following individuals who are studying God’s word through email correspondence courses as they train to be faithful preachers and teachers of God’s saving word:

  • Pastor Idahosa Eghosa (Senegal, Africa)
  • Pastor Jacques Pondi Lumiangu (D.R. Congo, Africa)
  • Pastor Monotosh Banjaree (Bangladesh, SE Asia)
  • Pastor Liberty Atawa (Zimbabwe, Africa)
  • Samuel Benson Edwards and Ivan Edwards (Myanmar, Asia)
  • Evangelist Eliewaha Mshana (Tanzania, Africa)