BELC Bible School Graduation

On March 15th the BELC Bible School in Nagalapuram graduated 15 students equipped  with the Word of God to preach and teach in India. The students were greeted with garlands and shawls. Sermonettes were delivered at the graduation service by Rajamani (Eph. 6), D Paul, K. Asiravadam (2 Tim. 3:14-17), Sampath (1 Tim. 1:2), Bhaskar (Luke 2:47), and Missionary Matthew Ude (Eph. 2:4-7). Following the sermons, the graduates were anointed with oil, prayed over, and then presented with diplomas. The graduation festivities included a special meal of chicken briyani and ice cream.

The following is a biographical background sample of four graduates: Muthulingam came from an orthodox Hindu family. His father was a Hindu priest in a Hindu temple, performing daily pujas and worshiped idols of Vinayaga, Muruga, and the village head goddess. The whole family learned of their Savior God through the BELC and were baptized. Muthulingam’s father is now an elder in St. Paul Lutheran Church at Voddlakuppam. Soron Saravanan and his brother were orphans who also came out of a Hindu family. Their whole family was also baptized in the BELC. Soron and his brother were construction workers before enrolling in Martin Luther Bible School. Now they are both in the gospel ministry of BELC.  Samuel grew up without education, but then learned to read and write telugu as an adult. He was trained under a BELC pastor for three years at Vijayavada. Rajasekar was an orphan who is well educated, having earned a master’s degree in science and education. Before attending MLBS he was working as a milk vendor.

All the graduates received assignments to carry out the gospel ministry in the BELC. They were divided up among five districts: Koppedu, Tiruttani, Sri Kalahasti, Uthukottai, and Tiruvallure. May the Lord bless their ministry in their respective districts.