I Cor. 16:9 “For a wide door for effective work has opened to me, and there are many adversaries.”

April 15, 2008

Bible Challenges-continued
Quiz Book by F.H.Moehlmann

Quiz: First (from the previous BASIC)
It was suggested that we have the questions and the answers in the same BASIC newsletter. That begins at this time.

1. The first disciple of Jesus to arrive at His empty tomb.
2. Here Christ’s followers first were called Christians.
3. The firstman to hear God’s voice and to speak to Him.
4. The first commandment with a promise.
5. This, Jesus said, we should seek first.
6. Jesus called this the first and great commandment.
7. The first one to see Jesus on the day of His resurrection.
8. The first to leave the ark after the great Flood.
9. The first thing Noah did after he left the ark.
10.Here David first reigned as king.
11.The first thing God created after creating the shapeless mass of the earth.
12.The first man who did not see death.
13.He built the first temple to the glory of God.
14.Jesus said that the one without sin among them should be first to cast a stone at a fallen woman.
15.Jesus’ first miracle.

(Answers are below)

Born Again While Pastor Ude and I were going through customs at the Lagos airport one lady official asked if Pastor Ude was born again. She was likely meaning if he had an experience at some point in his life after he came of an age of accountability. Of course, if that is what she meant we know the problems with that question. The answer is “Yes, I am born again from water and the Word and it happened when I was a little baby. And as I have been growing ever since, I have had many phases in my Christian life when He has very clearly carried me through…”

It is a joy to read in a Jan. 14th report from the Masai District of the CLCEA Tanzania/Kenya) the following baptism report about how the water and the Word are applied to all ages.
* Dec. 30th – 15 adults, 6 children, 2 infants baptized at Olmapinu, * Jan. 1st – 7 ” 4 ” 1 ” ” ” Inkiito * Jan. 1st – 8 ” 6 ” 5 ” ” ” Enkusero * Jan. 2nd – 5 ” 6 3 ” ” ” Society
The only point of regret in the report was that they were short of transport money to cover more of the stations at the time. This district stretches into Kenya from Tanzania. As we see on the news the violence in the post election time in Kenya, let us rejoice that as this report evidences people are being born anew through water and the Word even while death claims others.

Prayer Pastors Ohlmann and Ude are going on a mission trip to Nepal in May. Pray to the Lord that the discussions with Pastor Raju there result in agreement on the Word. Nepal is a basically Hindu country. We pray that we might be able to have a part in reaching out to people who do not know the Christ. It is a country famed for its hard fighting Gurkha soldiers. May those who witness in this country have a spiritual stamina to carry life and peace in Christ to the people. Mission Helper Larry Dassow from the United States has arrived in India to help our brothers in their churches. Pray that he has good health and joyful experiences.

Quiz- Answers to First (above)

l. John. John 20:1-10.
2. Antioch. Acts 11:26.
3. Adam. Gen. 2:7-17; 3:8-19.
4. Honor thy father and mother. Eph. 6:2.
5. The kingdom of God and His righteousness. Matt. 6:33.
6. Thou shalt love the Lord, thy God….Matt. 22:37,38.
7. Mary Magdalene. Mark 16:9.
8. Noah. Gen. 8:15-18.
9. Built an altar to the Lord. Gen. 8:18-20.
10.Hebron. 2 Sam. 2:1-7.
11. Light. Gen. 1:3-5.
12.Enoch. Gen. 5:24.
13.King Solomon. I Kings 6.
14.The Scribes and the Pharisees. John 8:1-11.
15.Turned water into wine. John 2:1-11.

Third of Armor of God in an attachment.

David Koenig