I Cor. 16:9  “For a wide door for effective work has opened to me, and there are many adversaries.”

November 15, 2006

East Africa Pastoral Conference- How pleasant and how fair for brethren to dwell together in unity!

The Psalmist has it right when he points up how blessed unity is. Most of us arrived on Oct. 23rd for the two day conference to follow. Fully 21 men attended this study of God’s Word, for that is what it was. There was no disagreement on the Word, for the Word is clear. We met in the Kisii highlands of Kenya. Next year we will meet, God-willing, at Arusha in Tanzania. Pastor Enosh of Etago, Kenya chaired the meeting as well as acting as our chaplain beginning each session with a devotion.

Pastor Fred of the CLCK Chotororo led us in an overview of the patriarch Abraham. He reminded us: to live a life of complete faith in God, to go where He sends us by faith, to look forward to that “city whose builder and maker is God (Heb. 11:10)”, to remember that our God is a God of second chances, to rest assured that we are saved by faith which is the gift of God by grace.

Charles Gikonyo, who heads the Nairobi area of the CLCK led us in a study of
the figurative language of Is. 5:1-6.

Pastor Jeremiah of the CLCEA Arusha, Tanzania led us in a study of “Starting
Mission Work.” He asked and answered several questions: What is church?,
What is mission work?, What do we mean by a missionary?, How hard is mission
work? He also gave us some cautions. Do not struggle just for many people as
once for sometimes their intention to follow may fail. Be aware of people coming from other denominations who come for poor reasons. Be careful of  how you live, for your conduct must reinforce your preaching.

While the men from the LCEA could not be present, Pastor Angowi the bishop of the LCEA had sent an essay which Steve Kithisya read. In Pastor Angowi’s essay on” Faith and Ethical Decision” It was pointed out. “1. Natural law is universal for God’s purpose of discipline in the world…2. Christ is the fulfillment of the law for those who believe in him. Believing in Christ is involving God overwhelming our whole life and bringing you into His kingdom and love and righteousness…3. Christians fulfill the law only by faith and love by faith in Christ. God grants to us forgiveness  and salvation. We become God’s tool to convey his love to others. His faith looks to Christ and gets all that Christ has and his love looks to the neighbors and gives them all that he has.”

Pastor Koenig delivered two essays: The Ministry of Paul on His Three Journeys, The Three Year Ministry of our Lord.

We hope next year to hear two essays that could not be delivered: Baptism by S. Kithisya, Leadership by Ibrahim Kariuki.

The unity of the spirit in the bond of peace was evident as we fellowshipped together over God’s Word and in our many private conversations. We thank the CLC for funding this meeting.

The Church Year


The Church Year is a cycle of festivals and seasons. Christians around the world and throughout history have shaped their faith and marked their lives following what these portray about our Lord and His teachings. The first half of the Church Year(Advent through to Pentecost) recalls the events in the life of our Lord making them real for us in the present time. The second half is the Trinity Season during which we can focus on many things in connection with our faith and discipleship. Though the Church Year is an ancient tradition, Christians keep observing it as it celebrates God’s redemption. When Christians observe the festivals and seasons this helps them to:

  • Learn the words and acts of God that have changed history and the lives of men,
  • Remember the birth, life, death and resurrection of our Lord for us,
  • Participate in these events through which by means of the Word the Lord creates His Church and transforms our lives.

Periodically you will be receiving in BASIC a short reminder of the season or festival we will be celebrating. There will be suggested Scripture that can be preached on also.

Advent Season

Beginning on Dec. 3, the First Sunday in Advent, we begin a season to prepare our hearts to celebrate once again the coming of our Lord to earth for us in human form so lowly, as a baby. There are four Sundays in Advent. During the week we also have midweek services which can focus on a variety of Scripture to prepare us for Christmas. We could consider the Old Testament prophecies about our Lord’s coming, among others. Here are some suggested Epistle and Gospel readings for the four Sundays. The sermon could be based on one of these readings.

  • 1st Sunday – Dec. 3rd – Ep.: Rom. 13:11-14, Gos.: Mat. 21:1-9
  • 2nd Sunday – Dec. 10th – Ep.: Rom. 15:4-13, Gos.: Lk. 21:25-36
  • 3rd Sunday – Dec. 17th – Ep.: I Cor. 4:1-5, Gos.: Mt. 11:2-10
  • 4th Sunday – Dec. 24th – Ep.:

“Some time ago we concluded a study on the Books of the New Testament and we took a test on it. Why not take the test again that you took at the beginning and see how you do?”    The following 27 items are to be matched to the 27 books. See how you do. Which New Testament book is indicated by each of the following: a) Pastoral letter to Crete, b) to Gaius, c) Epistle of Joy, d) by the brother of James, e) Ministry, f) “I am…”, g) the Most Doctrinal Letter, h) written by a Gentile of Antioch, i) about the Church’s Head, j) about the Church as the Body of Christ, k) written to a region, l) the shortest Gospel, m) Visions, n) to Jewish Christians (in Rome?), o) God is Love, p) Congregational Problems, q) Warns against Hypocrisy, r) a Repentant Tax Gatherer, s) to the Elect Lady and her Children, t) Pastoral Letter to Ephesus, u) Slavemaster and Slave, v) Lawless One in 2:3-12, w) Judgment x) the Word of the God Grew, y) Clear Statement of the End in 4:13-17, z-1) Epistle of Suffering, z-2) Paul’s Last Letter.   TIMELINE (Why not cut this out and tape it in your Bible.) 30     Pentecost; Birthday of the NT Church 32     Death of Stephen and Conversion of Paul 43     Founding of the Gentile Church at Antioch; Paul summoned to Antioch by Barnabas 44     Death of James the Son of Zebedee c.45   Epistle of James 46-48 Paul’s First Missionary Journey 48      Epistle of Galatians 49      Apostolic Council 49-51 Paul’s Second Missionary Journey 50     I Thessalonians; 50 (summer) II Thessalonians 52-56 Paul’s Third Missionary Journey 55     I Corinthians; 55 (summer or fall) II Corinthians 56     Romans 56-58 Paul’s Caesarean Imprisonment 58-59 Paul’s Voyage to Rome 59-61 Paul’s First Roman Imprisonment 59-61 The ‘Captivity Letters’ -Colossians, Philemon, Ephesians, Philippians 50-60 Gospel of Matthew (the estimates of what year are in this range) c. 60  Gospel of Mark 62-63 I Timothy (estimate of which year varies) 63     Titus 64     Fire in Rome. Neronian Persecution 65-67 II Timothy (estimates vary for  most of the following books) 61-62 I Peter 62(?) II Peter 65-69 Gospel of Luke. Acts 60-70 Jude 65-70 Hebrews 70     Fall of Jerusalem 90-100 Gospel of John, I, II, III John 95     Revelation

Pastor Koenig