January 31, 2006I Cor. 16:9  For a wide door for effective work has opened to me, and there are many adversaries.

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The Gospel of Matthew first appeared it is thought near Syrian Antioch sometime between 50-70 AD. Matthew wrote from his Jewish perspective showing how Christ fulfilled the OT Scripture. It has strongly Hebrew characteristics. Matthew reminds us that Jesus is the “Son of David” and the “King of the Jews.”  The “Kingdom of heaven” or its equivalent the “ Kingdom of God “ is a key phrase as Matthew  records Jesus’ teachings, especially the parables. It is only in this Gospel that the word for ‘church’ occurs (ekklesia) in Matthew 18. There is special prominence given to Jesus’ teaching on the end of the age and the Second Coming in chapters 13, 24 and 25. And of course it is in this Gospel that we have the longest record (ch. 5-7) of our Lord’s Sermon on the Mount.

“The sayings of Jesus are arranged so as to form five great discourses, dealing respectively with (a) the law of the kingdom of God (chapters 5-7), (b) the preaching of the kingdom (10:5-42), (c) the growth of the kingdom (13:3-52), (d) the fellowship of the kingdom (chap. 18), and (e) the consummation of the kingdom (24-25). The narrative of the ministry of Jesus is so arranged that each section leads on naturally to the discourse that follows it. The whole is prefaced by a prologue describing the nativity of the King (chap. 1-2) and concluded by an epilogue relating the passion and triumph of the King (chap. 26-28).” Bruce, p. 50 NT Documents


As we know, Mark is the shortest of the Gospels. It appears to reflect what Peter saw and heard. The young man in Mark 14:51-52 “A young man followed Him, with nothing but a linen cloth about his body; and they seized him, but he left the linen cloth and ran away naked,” we think was Mark. While he was not one of the apostles, he was with the apostles. He even worked with the untimely born, last of the apostles, Paul. He was with him  on the first missionary journey. And though Paul refused to let him go on the second journey, he did join Paul later and work with him. Col. 4:10, Phile. 24 And he definitely worked with Peter also. I Pet. 5:13 John Mark’s mother’s house was a place of gathering for the believers. “When he realized this, he went to the house of Mary, the mother of John whose other name was Mark, where many were gathered together and were praying.” Acts 12:12 Tradition also has it that the Lord’s supper was celebrated in this house.

The following is from the ancient church historian Eusebius, “ Mark, having been the interpreter of Peter, wrote down accurately all that he (Peter) mentioned, whether sayings or doings of Christ; not however, in order. For he was neither a hearer nor a companion of the Lord; but afterwards, as I said, he accompanied Peter, who adapted his teachings as necessity required, not as though he were making a compilation of the sayings of the Lord. So then Mark made no mistake, writing down in this way some things as he (Peter) mentioned them; for he paid attention to this one thing, not to omit anything that he had heard, nor to include any false statement among them.” Bruce, p.43 NT Documents

I    The beginning of the Gospel message. 1:l-13 John the Baptist; Jesus’ baptism and the wilderness temptation.
II   Public ministry in Galilee.l:14-9:50. Calling of disciples, cures, miracles, and teachings. Disputes with the religious leaders; appointment of the Twelve; parables of the kingdom; and feedings of the multitudes. The disclosure at Caesarea Philippi and the Transfiguration.
III From Galilee to Jerusalem. 10:1-52
IV The last week in Jerusalem. 11:l-16-16:8. Triumphal entry, cursing of the fig tree, cleansing of the Temple. Disputes with Pharisees and Sadduccees; the apocalyptic discourse. The Supper, Gethsemane, arrest, trial, crucifixion, death, resurrection.
V  Appearances of the risen Christ. 16:9-20


Bharath Evangelical Lutheran Church

The BELC is divided up into eight districts with 7066 souls served by 157 pastors. Pastors D. Paul at Nagalapuram and Moses at Nellore would both like to start a two year Bible school. We are studying this issue and taking it to the Lord in prayer. It is a large undertaking. There is no question that the harvest is great and more workers are needed. We wait on the Lord in this as in all things.

Pastor Moses supervises three districts and reports 27 pastors have gone through the monthly training in Nellore and 20 in Renigunta. Now we are seeking to get the catechism out among the people and learned. The idea of having a two year training school at Nellore is to send the men out to places where there is no church.

Pastor Victor is on the scene in the Kadapa District and leads the study with Pastor Moses coming over also. Fifteen men have now completed going on three years of monthly study. On last Easter Sunday 36 souls were baptized in the Kadapa congregations. In 2006 Pastor Victor would like to start meetings in Kurnool District.

He has also started a publication ‘Living Light’ published by the Kadapa pastors. This is distributed throughout the Telegu speaking districts. It is useful to pastors to spread the Gospel to the unknown and other communities.

Pastor D. Paul with three other pastors supervise five districts. In these districts as in the others once the pastors have passed the catechism exam we seek to distribute the catechism to the people. Pastor D. Paul reports on the VBS effort that around 1840 children were enrolled with 67 teachers and 35 volunteers. Based on the Bible teams handicrafts, drawing and coloring pictures, dances and candle processions were prepared to provide a joyous atmosphere. CLC missionhelpers here elsewhere worked among the people.

Future desired plans follow.

  • Gospel Team – They are planning to have teams of perhaps 15 for each district with tracts, musical accompaniment and preaching in villages where there is no Christian church.
  • An orphanage is desired and they are praying to work this out.
  • Health check-up camps are being considered twice a year to help in the villages.
  • Balwadis – A school for children 2-5 years is desired.
  • Tuition Centers – Through these children in 6th to 12th standard could be helped after school in religion and other subjects. A couple are running now.
  • Film Project – This has proved useful in sharing the message of Jesus and it is desired to continue, especially to go to places where a church could be started.
  • In 2002 in January the BELC faced a very disruptive time. But since then God has blessed the simple preaching of His Word. Faith has grown as well as numbers. A new meeting with 22-25 pastors is starting which we pray would turn into the ninth district.

T. Sampath, Rajamani and Bhasker lead studies and supervise in a variety of districts.


Pastor Koenig