November 4, 2005

I Cor. 16:9   “a wide door   for effective work has opened…and there are many adversaries.”

Some practical ways on how to share Christ’s love with them.

  1. PRAY for Muslim ladies in your neighbourhood, among your relatives, at work.
    • start a prayer group with another person who has a concern to reach out to Muslims and meet on a regular basis.
  2. LEARN as much as you can about Islam – through books and seminars.
  3. MAKE CONTACTS with Mulim women, be outgoing, commit yourself to regular outreach.
    • at the market place, supermarkets, shopping centres, bank
    • in the bus, matatu, ferry…
    • at the doctor’s waiting room, hospital…
  4. VISIT them in their homes and show interest in their lives:
  5. SHOW them that you care about their sorrows, sicknesses and problems.
  6. BUILD RELATIONSHIPS, where people learn to trust you to openly speak about their difficulties in marriage, with their children or with the extended family.
  7. KEEP SECRETS which have been shared with you. Never gossip to others about it.
  8. BE CLOSE to them in times of sickness and death.   Share your hope in Christ.
  9. TAKE PART in joyous occasions: Weddings, births, Festivals, Islamic Holidays.
  10. INVITE them to your house for Christmas or Easter.   Prepare good meaningful cards and small gifts with a book or suitable tract.
  11. SHOW INTEREST in their handicrafts (making mats, bags, sewing,etc.). Be willing to learn new recipes for cooking and baking–this gives you good reasons to stay longer and re-visit again.
  12. OFFER cooking or baking classes in your home, teach how to make new kinds of handicrafts or offer sewing lessons.
  13. INCLUDE children in your outreach. Try to build friendships via children,
    • visit with your children – you will be much more welcome with them
    • invite the kids of your Muslim neighbors to play with your own kids; let the kids not just play together; talk to them, sing with them, read little stories to them, tell them stories from the Bible starting with the Old Testament.
  14. BE HOSPITABLE, invite the whole family, visiting as a family will provide opportunities to build relationships between husband, wives and kids. Hospitality is a great virtue in Islam.   The Bible, however, commands us to be hospitable too. Look up some scriptures in your Bible.
  15. BE A GOOD EXAMPLE in your family life, in your relationship with your husband, with your children.
    • Muslim ladies like to learn from you how to live a good family life
    • Lend books to them on marriage. “I married You” (Walter Trobisch), books on raising children, “How to really love your child” (Rob Campbell).
    • Lend them good Christian videos, sensitive for Muslim thinking e.g.   C.S. Lewis videos “The Lion, the witch and the wardrobe”, “Treasures in the Snow”, Patricia St. John.
    • Literacy classes, English classes
    • Health education, clinics
    • Farming projects, water projects
    • Sewing classes or other handicraft classes
    • Polytechnic establishments
    • Holiday clubs for children
    • Chronological Bible storytelling programs, which could be included in most of these community projects as a special item.
    • PRAY for courage to be outgoing towards Muslim women – we have an outgoing God, we can’t be less outgoing
    • LEARN willingly about Islam and you will loose the fear of approaching Muslims and the unknown “things” behind them.
    • LOVE, the right attitude – will always find new ways to address them.

Taken from (Women’s Workshop WORM – March 2000, Amani Centre:Nairobi)


In the EELCT our sister church in Togo,   Pastor Kossi reports that with the CLC’s help they have now been able to buy a generator to use to show the Jesus Film. The two congregations held a   worship service of thanksgiving for this opportunity to share the Gospel. Pastor D. Koenig