December 16, 2004

Prov. 25:25 Like cold water to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far

The two most popular titles or names Christians use in speaking of our Lord are  Jesus, a translation of the Hebrew word  Joshua, which means  “YAHWEH Is Salvation,”  and  Christ, a transliteration of the Greek term  Christos, meaning “Anointed One” or “Messiah”.  Following are some other significant names or titles for Christ used in the New Testament.  Each title expresses a distinct truth about Jesus and His relationship to believers.

Name or title Significance Biblical Reference
Adam,Last Adam First of the new race of the redeemed I Cor.15:45
Alpha & Omega The beginning & ending of all things Rev. 21:6
Bread of Life The one essential food John 6:35
Chief Cornerstone A sure foundation for life Eph. 2:20
Chief Shepherd Protector,sustainer, and guide I Pet. 5:4
Firstborn from the Dead Leads us into resurrection and eternal life Col. 1:18
Good Shepherd Provider and caretaker John 10:11
Great Shepherd of the Sheep Trustworthy guide and protector Heb. 13:20
High Priest A perfect sacrifice for our sins Heb. 3:1
Holy One of God Sinless in His nature Mark 1:24
Immanuel (God with Us) Stands with us in all of life’s circumstances Matt. 1:23
King of Kings, Lord of Lords The Almighty, before whom every knee will bow Rev. 19:16
Lamb of God Gave His life as a sacrifice on our behalf John 1:29
Light of the World Brings hope in the midst of darkness John 9:5
Lord of Glory The power and presence of the Living God I Cor. 2:8
Mediator between God and Man Brings us into God’s presence redeemed and forgiven I Tim 2:5
Only Begotten of the Father The unique, one-of-a-kind Son of God John 1:14
Prophet Faithful proclaimer of the truths of God Acts 3:22
Savior Delivers from sin and death Luke 1:47
Seed of Abraham Mediator of God’s covenant Gal. 3:16
Son of Man Identifies with us in our humanity Matt. 18:11
The Word Present with God at the creation John 1:1


As we prepare to celebrate our Savior’s birth, let us remember from these titles
all about our great God and Savior, Jesus the Christ.
Titus 2:13

May you have a blessed and happy Christmas, knowing that your Savior has come.

Pastor David Koenig