March 29, 2004

I Cor. 16:9 For a great and effective door has opened to me, and there are many adversaries.

A group of people from the Kisii area were looking for a new church in 1999.  These people had been Roman Catholic and Seventh Day Adventist.  They had an individual who lived in an area where many tourists traveled who would approach individuals and ask about foreign churches.  One man approached one day encouraged them to try the CLC-USA.  The correspondence continued until in April 2000 a meeting was held with interested people in Etago, Guchia, Kisii, Kenya.  There were about 125 people who met with the Koenig’s in a pasture.  After that more literature was sent.

The first worship service was held on June 18, 2000 with Samson O. Nyabine as the preacher.  The new congregation numbered 32 adults and 24 chidlren.  In 2001 another visit by the missionary saw  a service with 70 in attendance with 40 baptized.  Catechisms have been sent and purchased to prepare the people for communicant membership.  There has been steady growth from the meeting in the pasture.  Not all who attended the first meeting became members.

In the year 2003 the following progress was made by the ECLC.  In January an orphan school was started with two teachers and 80 children.  This is a preschool to prepare the children (whose parents have died of AIDS) for regular school.  This is held in the mudwaddle church building.  A sister congregation was started at Kenuchi.  Land has been donated and a roof will soon go up for a church building with 25 members at this time.  Doctrinal discussions were held with a Baptist Pastor Fred.  It appears at this time that he is willing to become a Lutheran with his congregation. They number about 50 at Chotororo.

For a small congregation the pastor, elders and members have worked hard to establish themselves  as a true teaching Lutheran church.  Our prayer is that God will continue to bless their efforts.

As we continue to contemplate the great sufferings of our Savior for us to bear our punishment, may we be truly humble and look to the cross as the answer.  During the Lenten season we have time to prepare to celebrate Easter, knowing how and why He did what He did for us.  There would be no Easter Sunday without Good Friday.  May your Lenten devotions be a great blessing to you.

Pastor Koenig