I Cor.. 16:9 ‘For a wide door for effective work has opened to me, and there are many adversaries.
February 28, 2013

Mission Trip – Pastors Bohde and Koenig made an exploratory mission trip to Thailand, where six years ago the CLC was working. We pray that some sort of work can begin there again. God would have all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth.
A Report on the Joint Asia English Pastoral Conference in Guntur, India in October 2012.
HCLCN MISSION WORK-Himalayan Church of the Lutheran Confession, Nepal
Pastoral meetings are conducted on a monthly basis for a couple of years.
The meeting mostly focuses on the fellowship with our pastors and leaders serving the Lord in different parts of the country.  We have studies on different materials and also revision classes were done to advance their knowledge on the Scripture and the doctrinal issues.
Our study with pastors is based on the basic books such as : Martin Luther’s Small Catechism, My Church and Others, What the Bible and Lutherans Teach, etc.
Pastoral meetings were conducted in Kathmandu and Chitwan for the convenience of our Pastors.  In average, 15 pastors attend the meeting and learn from the Word.
HCLCN Statistics 2012
HCLCN  Churches  25
This year baptized believers  250+
HCLCN church members  4000+
We had a pastoral conference with Prof. John Ude and Pastor Matthew Ude in Chitwan.  There were 25 pastors and leaders from the different congregations at the conference.  The conference was effective and it helped to broaden our knowledge on the infant baptism and the Lord’s Supper and various doctrinal issues.
We are praying to translate and publish Martin Luther’s Large Catechism in Nepali and teach our Pastors with the book.
This year we lacked publication works, we are praying for the translation and publication of various books and materials so that the HCLCN can be enriched with the Word of God and true doctrinal knowledge.
This year the Lord blessed the HCLCN with two new church buildings.  We are thankful to the Lord and His provision through our generous brethren who share their resources with us.
The church construction was held in Maidi Village, Dhading District, now the church is growing in the number of believers.  CLC Bd. of Missions provided roofing for the church and local resources were utilized to construct the building.
Another church building was constructed in Lalitpur, (Kathmandu Valley), the land is leased for 10 years and now the church construction is completed and regular services are administered.
The CLC Board of Missions is going to provide funds for the roofing for this church .
We are conducting monthly youth fellowship with the different churches and sometimes we are excited with the consequences of the fellowships.  The youth are encouraged in the ministry and they are involved in the ministry as well.
We are praying and planning to manage the youth fellowship in an orderly fashion, i.e. providing them the proper guidelines for the youth fellowship, which could be effective and fruitful to our congregations.
We have church conferences/seminars for the church leaders as well as the believers.  Pastor JB mostly travels to different mission stations and he led the conferences.  It was successful and it helped people to grow in faith.  Therefore we are going to the places where we are called by the people and church groups.
The conferences done this year were in these places:
Kathmandu, Hetauda, Nijghad, Chitwan, Shaktikhor, Butwal, Dhading, Pokhara, Surkhet, Humia.
Altogether in these conferences the participants exceed 4500 and among them many are blessed.
The orphanage is providing care to 9 destitute children.  The children are provided food, clothing, education, medication, etc.  The most important thing is they are given Christian environment which is helping them to grow.
It will be good to share that they are progressing in their studies.  They need more prayers to grow in proper guidance and with discipline.
The CLC Kinship project is sponsoring the orphans.  A one time gift was provided and with the money we purchased a Solar System for the house and bunk beds, bedding and clothes for the children.
It is an opportunity for the HCLCN to send Pastor Raju Bhitrakoti to the USA for further studies on theology, which would be beneficial for the HCLCN. He will be studying at ILC for 3 years.  We are thankful to the CLC.
Submitted and Presented by the HCLCN.
Pastor David Koenig