I Cor.. 16:9 ‘For a wide door for effective work has opened to me, and there are many adversaries.
November 30, 2012
We are considering Questions on the Old Testament
Geology and the Flood
Here is an article from ‘Discover’ magazine of Aug. 29th reminding us how the earth itself has the testimony of Noah’s Flood. The geological evidence of the worldwide flood is amply given by God throughout the world, while the unbelievers ignore it “Black Sea Flood In the story of Noah’s Ark, the book of Genesis says Noah lived during a time when all other people on Earth were evil. God became angry and decided to create a giant flood to kill everyone except Noah and his family. God told Noah to build a boat called an ark, big enough for himself, his wife, his sons, their wives, and at least two of every animal. Once the ark was built, God sent a rainstorm that lasted 40 days. The deluge rose higher than the tallest mountain. When the waters receded, Noah’s family and animals left the ark and repopulated the Earth.
The Evidence: After refuting the possibility of a global flood, geologists dismissed suggestions that the story of Noah’s Flood might be rooted in some sort of fact. Then, in 1993, oceanographers Bill Ryan and Walter Pitman of Columbia University used sonar to survey the floor of the Black Sea—and found evidence supporting the story after all. Submerged beneath the surface were ancient streambeds, river-cut canyons, and shorelines. High-resolution seismic reflection profiles showed a former land surface buried in the seafloor sediments. Drill cores from the seafloor contained roots of shrubs covered by marine mud. Ryan and Pitman argued that over 7,000 years ago, the Mediterranean began to rise, breaching rocks along the Istanbul Strait, a waterway that helps form the boundary between Europe and Asia today. The event caused the Mediterranean to spill into the Black Sea, triggering a catastrophic flood.”
News from Zambia
The work of God here in Zambia is going well especially in the area of evangelism and Pastoral class.We meet every month, four times. When we meet we learn more about the word of God,The CLC doctrine,Martin Luther Catechism and other information which will help these pastors to know the truth of the Bible.
Students are enjoying to have this class.And more pastors/Evangelists are looking to join next year.
We have managed to construct our simple Sunday worship building because we are tired of paying rent in the school classroom. We hope at the end of January our building will be over and to have a good place to worship God.
We still need your prayers as we serve God here in Zambia.We are looking to work with missionary Ude on last week of January 2013.” Ibrahim Karioki
A Report on the Joint Asia English Pastoral Conference in Guntur, India in October 2012.
CLCM CHURCH VISITING – Church of the Lutheran Confession of Myanmar
   We, the CLCM have 13 workers, among them are 9 pastors, 1 intern pastor, 1 Evangelist, 2 Missionaries.  There are 56 congregations (villages) and each pastor has divided into 6-7 villages for their pastoral works.  Three pastors were grouping as a team gospel to their  congregation.  It took a month to visit or reach them all.  They preach to them to be faithful believers, able to follow the footsteps of Jesus our Lord according to the Bible, encouraging them physically and spiritually to the way capable in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Why? Because they are living in various parts of Chin hill and by cultivation all of us are working for our life survival vigorously.  For their daily living standard is cutting the trees and burning, plowing the soil and sowing the seeds such as paddy, maize, various beans and vegetable of all kind.
Our Evangelist Khup has been visiting each congregation and then the church elder requested to have an organized crusade or campaign of counseling to be taken in their midst.  He taught those who have lack of the Bible knowledge, story and biblical truth.  Especially he has had counseling to the Youths.  Most of the Youths are drunken, lazy to work at the field, disobeying their parents and stealing  property for drugs.  The evangelist Khup is sincerely committed to his work and has worked hard and we the CLCM congregations feel much better day by day in our life.  Some of the Youths are understanding the Holy Bible and a moral standard in their life.  We the CLCM pray for him to be a useful vessel in God’s Kingdom during his evangelist life.
Our two missionaries Mang and Khai are in different parts.  But they are sometimes combined in their work, visiting Buddhist houses.  Missionary Khai has learning experience from Mang in the way to take actions going forward successfully in his missionary field in the days to come.
It is a great joyous and tremendous harvest in the midst of us of the CLCM.  Our missionary Mang has visited one of the Burmese military camps as a home cell once a week.  Sometimes he has faced difficulties and has struggled to tell about Jesus and make their friendship. Sometimes he is not allowed to enter the camp.  But his faith was so strong and full of spirit just like Stephen’s, willing to do the will of Him without getting support from any source.
The Lord is good and faithful to his servant telling about the gospel to the couple of Burmese military.  The missionary is teaching them the small catechism, baptism communion and about salvation as their own personal Savior Christ Jesus so that the Spirit of the Lord spoken to them is accepted and the Lord Jesus converted them to be a Christian.
We the CLCM have been supporting five children from Fall of this year. They have no hope for their future–some are fatherless and Motherless. They are living in Pastor Kham’s house. We care for them by sending them to school to educate as our Lutheran orphans. There are 3 girls and 2 boys. Pastor Kham’s wife Huai has been leading Bible study and prayer to the children before their studies. We the CLCM will go forward to have at least five children each year. The Lord is faithful and loving to the children. It is intended to nurture and care for the children through the Word of God, to be future Christian workers. As a poverty laden country, there are orphans and deserted children  in our areas. When we see them every day, we are filled with love and compassion. We are praying to the Lord to give us the chance to help these helpless people in our midst.
We the CLCM have translated some of the initial useful books like Luther’s Small Catechism, Lutheran Agenda, Doctrinal Teaching, and this year My Church and Others translation is completed and pending to print out as a booklet. We keep on praying for this.
1. To win the lost souls to Christ.
2. To send missionaries in remote areas around Myanmar.
3. To take care of Orphans.
4. To train all the believers.
5. To stand firm in a vibrant Lutheran Confession Church in Myanmar.
6. To bring the light of the gospel to the unreached area in Myanmar.
7. To empower the youth activites.
I, as the secretary of CLCM, end my brief report. May the honor and all the glory be to Him forever and ever, praise the Lord!. It is our vision, prayer, hope, burden to work together, to suffer together with unity and love for the extension of God’s Kingdom in Myanmar. Amen.
With love and thankfullness in Him,
Pastor Kham, Secretary, CLCM, Myanmar.
Pastor David Koenig