I Cor.. 16:9 ‘For a wide door for effective work has opened to me, and there are many adversaries.’

June 30, 2011

Received from Pastor Yumba in Zambia
Receive my warm greetings in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ who is our Redeemer. I would like to inform you that the family which has welcomed me in Bulangililo (KITWE) in March 2011 were in the group of 25 members meeting in their home. We do pray the almighty God to protect them and bless them.
In April 7th 2011, this family has shifted in the house by the hand of the Lord because they were tenants. They didn’t pay their rent of three months. Therefore this family has been kept by one of their friends for 2 days. Suddenly, police and the immigration agents have found many people in that house of their friends who were in possession of proper identification. Our sister in Christ MATY, who is married to a Zambian citizen since 2000 is a mother of 5 children. Her husband was neglecting this issue of proper ID for his wife. Therefore this sister has ended up to be kept in jail up to now. Right now I am writing to you I am in KITWE/Zambia. After inquiry I have found also a second group of sister MATY’s still keeping on congregating (fellowship). This one is based also in KITWE, precisely in KITWE west compound. This one has welcomed us today June 11th and is giving me all this information through brother AMOS MUTALE who leads this group. Our sister who is in jail , according to the judgment of the court, she is married to a Zambian citizen. She has to pay as penalty fee of K 1500000, equivalent to 300 USD. Therefore we do ask our beloved brothers and sisters in Christ who are there, to help us so that our sister can be released from the jail, and we will praise the Lord Jesus for that.
By the time I will be in Zambia in July, I hope that our sister in Christ MATY will be already released. Together with the first group where sister MATY belonged and with the second group led by AMOS MUTALE, we pray for them.
We wish you all the best, May the Lord bless you.
Pastor Yumba
News from Pastor Kossi of the EELCT – Togo
” I greet you in our LORD’s GLORY Name. We’re training some men from the church to become Ministers because we want to multiply congregations all over the country.There are 9 but 2 of them don’t speak English nor French , only our local language. Five or six of them will go to Pastors’ conference in Nigeria . I want to start the book ‘What is preaching ?’ with them .But this book is in English . We want to translate it into French and mutiply it and give to everybody that the study can go well .
On 11th of this month I baptised 16 adults and 21 children . .At the beginning of next month we’ll start a new class with 19 adults and more than 25 children will be baptised .
One of the student pastors is from Benin . We plan to send him to this country to stand our Mission there. Because we have some family already there . I preached to a man from there who is interested
We also started our third congregation in a place call Nanegbe. We have more than 16 adults there.
This is the situation of the work in TOGO.”
We praise God and pray for increased work and contacts for the EELCT

Our Lord taught with many parables. Below you have a listing of them and their references. We should assume that He also taught others. What about us? Do we try to use earthly stories to get across to people spiritual truths? As people see the things we talk about of this earth, they can then remember the spiritual truths we attached to these earthly things. We merely follow the example of our great Rabbi Jesus. We will be looking at six:Ibraham Karioki sent one; the Five Brothers; the Peacock, Owl, Parrot and Eagle; the Huntsman; the White Flower; the Waterfall.

Parables of Jesus Christ
This is a complete list of the parables of Jesus Christ. A parable is an earthly story with a spiritual truth. This list of parables is alphabetically arranged.
Parable Matthew Mark Luke John
Alert servants 13:33-37
Barren fig tree 13:6-9
Bread of life 6:31-38
Budding fig tree 24:32-35 13:28-32 21:29-33
Children in market 11:16-19 7:31-35
Christian light 5:14-16 4:21-23 8:16-18
Dinner guests 14:15-24
Divided kingdom 12:24-30 3:22-27 11:14-23
Feast invitations 14:12-14
Friend at midnight 11:5-13
Good Samaritan 10:25-37
Good shepherd 10:1-18
Great physician 9:10-13 2:15-17 5:29-32
Grooms attendants 9:14-15 2:18-20 5:33-35
Growing seed 4:26-29
Hidden treasure 13:44
Householder 13:52
Humbled guest 14:7-11
King’s war plans 14:31-33
Laborers in vineyard 20:1-16
Landowner 21:33-46 12:1-12 20:9-18
Leaven 13:33 13:20-21
Lost coin 15:8-10
Lost sheep 15:4-7
Marriage feast 22:1-14
Mustard seed 13:31-32 4:30-32 13:18-19
Net of fish 13:47-50
New cloth 9:16 2:21 5:36
New wine 9:17 2:22 5:37-39
Pearl of great price 13:45-46
Pharisee and tax collector 18:9-14
Prodigal son 15:11-32
Rich man & Lazarus 16:19-31
Rich fool 12:16-21
Salt without taste 5:13 9:50 14:34-35
Servant’s duty 17:7-10
Sheep and goats 25:31-46
Sign of Jonah 12:38-42 11:29-32
Tares in field (part 1) 13:24-30
Tares in field (part 2) 13:36-43
Ten Minas 19:11-27
Ten talents 25:14-30
Ten virgins 25:1-13
The Sower (part 1) 13:3-9 4:3-20 8:4-15
The Sower (part 2) 13:18-23
Two debtors 7:41-43
Two sons 21:28-32
Unclean spirit 12:43-45 11:24-26
Unjust judge 18:1-8
Unjust steward 16:1-13
Unmerciful servant 18:21-35
Unprepared builder 14:28-30
Vine and branches 15:1-17
Watching servants 12:35-40
Wise builder 7:24-27 6:47-49
Wise servant 24:45-51
Wise steward
Pastor Koenig