I Cor.. 16:9  ‘For a wide door for effective work has opened to me, and there are many adversaries.’

May 25, 2011 


District of Chennai

39 pastors serving 43 congregations.  We are conducting monthly meetings twice a month. We have had successful Bible Classes.


My Church and others, Leaf letters, Small catechism, The Doctrinal position of BELC, Parable and its meaning—by Pastor V. Rajamani.

Child Evangelism:

We conduct Sunday School after the worship services.  1170 children were taught scripture in Sunday School.

VBS Classes

Every summer we conduct VBS classes.  The final day we conduct cultural programs, dramas about Jesus Christ and His Redemption work.

The believers and the people of the area also participate at the closing day celebration.  1275 children participated and benefited  and attained knowledge about Jesus Christ.

By these VBS and Sunday School programs the children are learning God’s word and the teachers strengthen the children through the Word of God.  Our teachers have much zeal to teach the scripture and explain about the Savior’s love.  The children are learning Bible lessons, prayers, short stories which teach God’s great love and guidance.
“Bring them up in the training instruction of the Lord.” Eph. 6:4

Request for New Church Buildings

We will be planning to construct new church buildings at various places.

District of Thiruvallure.

This district  is surrounding the most powerful Hindu religious area. 37 pastors are working in this district. These pastors are going through difficulties;  the devil is creating many problems.  By the power of our Lord and His spiritual guidance our pastors run their churches successfully.  The basic thing is for our pastors to have a good relationship and brotherhood with our believers and also common people, and also with the colleagues and chairmen so we can achieve goals in our ministry.

Our pastors conduct Sunday services, Sunday School and VBS classes.
875 children were taught  scripture in Sunday classes and 961 children were enrolled and benefited through our VBS classes.

Request for new Church Buildings

We will plan to construct new church buildings in Thiruvallure district.

We, in the triune name of our God, assure that we carry out these programs, work in the coming years that the Lord be glorified because of our ministry. We request you to pray for us and our ministry.

Your fellow servant in Christ service,
Pastor V. Rajamani, Chairman of these districts

We the Pastors of BELC, under Uthukottai, Vaniyampadi, Chittor, Chennai, Thiruvallure, Tiruttani, Koppedu and Shrikalakhasti are maintaining the church Records, Baptism Register, Marriage Register, Family Register, Accounts Register and Church worship service Registers

Each and every church under the BELC have been conducting a special baptism service and note down the names of the baptized and communicant members.
D. Paul is serving Holy Trinity Lutheran Church
at Koppedu.   We have 127 communicant members in our Holy Trinity Lutheran Church.

We have baptized this year:

District of Koppedu                             77 souls
District of Uthukottai                           45
District of Chennai                              41
District of Thiruvallure                        25
District of Vaniyampadi                     58
District of Chittor                                 38
District of Shri Kalakhastk                 21
District of Tiruttani                              16

Pastor D.Paul, BELC Chairman


Since establishment of this church body, we mainly focus our concentration towards establishing churches, preaching the Gospel of forgiveness of sins in Christ Jesus, Christ Jesus sacrificing Himself to take away the sins of all the people in the world, Jesus is the propitiation.

District of Chittoor:

37 pastors are serving 37 congregation and 21 preaching points in Chittor district. They attend bible classes twice in a month.
Instructions are based on Martin Luther’s Small Catechism, Leaf letters, Mueller’s My Church and others, and the Doctrinal position of BELC, —
taught by Pastor B.Bhasker

Gospel team work

We have gospel teams of 15 members every month visiting every village and distributing gospel of John tracts.

Adversary of gospel service:

In these areas our pastors are facing threats, manhandling and having police false cases against our pastors.
The BJP. VHP, RSS and other rival groups oppose our pastors.  Pastor Dhanraj faced  sudden threats by the rival groups.  They were beaten up by iron rods, sticks and also the opponents put out false cases against our pastor and his family at Pachakhapalem police station. Kuttur Pastor Daniel also faced some threats and police registered a false case against his family. We are facing this in all of our districts.

Church Buildings:

We want to construct church buildings in several areas.

Church Ministry

1220 children were taught in Sunday School and VBS classes every year. We conduct the VBS on the May 1st week.
We have distributed gifts to the BELC children and also disbursed sarrees, dhotis, garments, and also widows and destitute persons at Christmas.

District of ShriKalakhasti

25 pastors serving 37 congregations.  870 children were taught scripture in Sunday School and 1070 were taught scripture in VBS.

Church Buildings:

We have constructed church buildings at several places.
We want to construct more in other places.


Leaflets, and My Church and Others – given by Pastor B.Bhasker

District of Koppedu:

32 pastors serving 42 congregations conducting worship services.  The trained youths are co-operating with pastors in conducting Sunday classes
1270 children were benefited through Sunday classes after the services.

VBS Classes

The VBS classes were conducted from May 1st to May 8th, and the trained youth have been appointed as VBS teachers.
Drinks, snacks, drama, dancing, music programs and candle procession were conducted. The parents participated at the final evening function.

Church Buildings:

We have constructed 8 church buildings and plan to build more buildings.


Leaflets with our CLC doctrines, My Church and Others, A Summary of Christian doctrine, What Does the Bible say about….  – given  by D.Paul


24 pastors working 37 congregations in this district, and attending Bible Classes twice a month. Leaflets, My Church and others, Martin Luthers Small catechism — papers given by D.Paul
We intend to admit 27 new men. We have disbursed leaflets, small catechisms and other reading material to them.  757 children were enrolled in Sunday classes, and 885 were in VBS.

Request for New Church Buildings

We will plan to construct church buildings at several places.

Leprosy Mission Work

Last December we visited one leprosy home which is run by our Tiruttani pastor Augustin. Our four member team visited that home and we preached among them.  After the worship services we disbursed clothes, meal packets, sweets boxes to them.  On behalf of the leprosy mission home Pastor Augustin delivered a wonderful thanksgiving message.


We are happy to say that our Gospel ministry is being continued by the guidance of the spirit of our Lord; and kindly pray for us to grow more and more abundantly in spirit from the temptations the devil brings against us.

Yours in Him,
Pastor D.Paul
Pastor B.Bhasker


Pastor Koenig