I Cor.. 16:9  ‘For a wide door for effective work has opened to me, and there are many adversaries.’

December 31, 2010

A Report on the HCLCN, Oct. 2010
(A Report on the HCLCN presented to the Joint Asia English Pastoral Conference-2010)

How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news, who proclaims peace, who brings glad tidings of good things, who proclaims salvation, who says to Zion,  “Your God reigns!
Isa. 52:7 NKJV

Praise the Lord!
Honorable CLC Missionary, Respected Chairman of the conference, respected leaders, Pastors and delegates of the CLCI, BELC, Himalayan CLC Nepal and CLC Myanmar.

Warm greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ from Himalayan country Nepal!  It is my pleasure to present a report on HCLCN to this Joint Asia English Pastoral Conference 2010.  We are glad to say, this July the HCLCN is officially affiliated to the CLC.

HCLCN Mission Works:

We are currently doing the following works in Nepal

1. HCLCN Pastoral Training:

We have pastoral training for our pastors on a monthly basis.  HCLCN pastors gather mostly in Kathmandu and we have training as well as meeting for 2 or 3 days and in these meetings we share our ministry experiences and the blessings and prayers for each other so that our Pastors can be encouraged for the ministry and after that they return to their churches and again after a month we have the same type of training.

We have studied “Shadows and Substance”, “What the Bible and Lutherans Teach”, “My Church and Others”, and a few chapters of “Sydow’s Martin Luther’s Small Catechism”.  We need to print this book so that our Pastors can study as well as can teach to their churches/congregations.

We have studied doctrinal essays with our pastors, we also need to translate and print doctrinal essays; I have found it good in my ministry and I am sure that our pastors will be benefited with this too.

Number of souls served in each congregation of HCLCN

Total number of HCLCN churches: 15
Adult Members= 1559;  Children= 971
Now, 2530 + souls served by HCLCN and the number is increasing.

II. Baptism Services:

This year we had baptism programs in different churches and new souls are added to the fellowship and churches are growing numerically as well as spiritually.

April 24, 2010 Pastor JB visited Shaktikhor and baptized 31 people.  These people are from the Chepang tribes and living in  difficult hills and mountains.  We had baptism services in different local churches and altogether about 100 new believers were baptized this year.

III. Publication and Distribution:

We have published “Shadows and Substance”, “My Church and Others”, “What the Bible and Lutherans Teach” in Nepali, and we have translated “Sydow’s Martin Luther’s Small Catechism” and we hope that we can print this book this year and distribute to our Pastors and Leaders and we are sure that it will help them to work in their churches and fellowships.

The books printed were distributed to the different locations, regions of Nepal, some people ask for books from us and we send them the books at a nominal cost.

We know that we need to print more books and literature which can build our brothers and sisters in faith and walk of their life with God.

IV. Mission Trips/Outreach

Missionary Pastor Matthew’s visitation 2010

Pastor Matthew Ude visited Nepal from May 29 to June 14, 2010 and visited our different mission stations.  He also had seminars and teaching with our Pastors, and local church believers.  His visitation was a blessing for us and the people and they are glad to hear the Word of God in more simple and understandable form.  They request for these types of fellowships in future also.  This time Pastor Matthew visited these places: 1) Chitwam, 2)Nawalparashi, 3) Shaktikhor, 4) Hetauda, 5) Dhading and 6) Kathmandu.

There are still more places to reach and to proclaim the name of our Lord.

Our Pastor conference (June 2 and 3) was also good and it was conducted for 2 days and we had discussions on Martin Luther’s Small Catechism chapters: Baptism and Lord’s Supper.  This year also we have discussions and we explain them from the Word of God.

We are looking forward to welcome the Mission Helper Teachers in July of 2011.

Visitation to Churches

We visit HCLCN churches on a monthly basis.  The local churches call us to preach the Sermon and teach and encourage them so that they can reach millions of unreached people of Nepal.

Most of the visitation is done by Pastor JB Bhitrakoti, he teaches the church believers and equips them with the Word of God.

Evangelism and Tract Distribution:

We have a youth team for the evangelism and tract distribution; we bring tracts from the Christian literature publishers and we distribute to the different locations of the city as well as villages.  We have to purchase tracts and booklets and to distribute them to unbelievers for free, sometimes we see people throwing tracts on the streets and pavements so we feel very sorrowful so nowadays we are focusing on individual preaching in which we meet individuals and we have a study course with them and we pray for them and we encourage them to come to church, it seems effective.

V.  Youth Fellowship:

We have youth fellowship in local churches to mobilize our youth for the expansion of the Kingdom of our Lord God.  We have youth fellowship two times a month.

We need to go to the remote areas and suburbs and empower our Christian youth and strengthen them with the Word of God so that they can reach to unbelievers especially youth groups.

VI.  Women Fellowship:

We also have women fellowship especially for women of our church and the affiliated churches.  These fellowships are organized for the women so that they can feel free to share their problems and prayers and share from the Word.  Our church does this fellowship every First and Third week of Nepali Calendar.

VII. Seminars, Conferences and Meetings:

Different seminars were held in different locations so that the men of God can be properly and orderly taught from the Word of God.  We have listed our significant programs below:

++Oct. 20,’09, a seminar held at Eternal Life Church. 200+ attended.
++Nov.16,17,’09, local church in Pokhare. 100 each day attended.
++Dec.1,2,’09, local church in far west Nepal. 70-80 attended.
++Feb. first week we visited Eastern Region of Nepal and visited
churches and Bhutanese Refugees.
++May 31,’10, a day seminar in Nawalparashi, participants were 100+
++June 5,’10, day seminar at Eternal Life Church. About 200
++June 7,’10, day seminar in Dhading district, participants were 100+
++June 9,’10, day seminar in Shaktikhor, participants were 150+
++July 26,’10, Pastor JB visited the Tibeten people near Tibet Border,
participants were 50+
++Sept.12,’10, a day women’s seminar was conducted at Eternal Life     Church

Our Future Plans and Prayer Requests:

1. We want to go the the mountainous regions (Himalayas) where there is very difficult life and to reach there and proclaim the name of our Lord.  We need to fly there because the roadways are not connected to those areas.  To do this we need more resources.
2. We need to start self-help loan programs so that we can help our pastors who are in very great need and struggling for the ministry.
3. We need to establish a vocational training like sewing, knitting and making handicrafts for our needy believers that they can come and learn different skills to earn their living.
4. “Mission Helper Team 2011” their visitation could be a blessing for our brethren in Nepal.

Thanking you all!
Respectfully submitted to the conference
-Presented by the HCLNC

May God bless and keep you in this New Year.
Pastor Koenig