I Cor.. 16:9  ‘For a wide door for effective work has opened to me, and there are many adversaries.’

November 15, 2010

It is not death to die in the Lord.
Pastor C. Vasu(48) in Renigunta District of BELC, India died from a heart attack. He had gotten married not too long ago to Lakshmi Kumari and they have a girl, Ruby, about 2 years old. He had been very faithful in his work in a village where he had a lot of children to work with. Having repaid his self-help loan he was issued more. Since a previous offer from a lady in the village of land had fallen through, he was busy trying to figure out how he could use family land where he lived with the idea of church and house combined on the same plot. Since it is gain to die, we praise our Lord for taking His servant’s soul to Himself.  His will is always good.

CLCM Report Continued-part 2
by Pastor Kham–Myanmar


We have been conducting Bible, Pastoral seminars with the CLC visitors in every year. The first we could conduct the Seminars was on 18-23 October, 2008. Pastor David, Pastor Mark and Mr. Larry, USA attended, and in this conference there were more than 70 persons who attended. The people who were attending seminar were filled with joy, peace and understanding of the bible and the doctrine of Lutheran Confession.

The second time we could be able to conduct the seminars by the grace of God was on 11-23 November, 2009. The seminars were taught by Pastor David and Pastor Mark, USA In this conference there were more than 66 persons attending from 56 CLCM Churches. We were more admired and impressed on the doctrine of Lutheran Confession through this fruitful seminar. We were blessed by the man of God through their living explanation of the words of God. It was a wonderful, much fruitful works in the mist of us and whoever  received knowledge, skills, faith, and deeper understanding of the doctrine from the seminars would give themselves to their own churches. Hopefully, on the next coming November 2010 we may get good time to conduct the third seminar with the CLC visitors in Myanmar. Our prayer is to come true, all the proposal that we have by God’s mercy in his hand.


Believing and trusting on God, CLCM has future mission planning as follow:

  1. A acres for Headquarter,
  2. Conducting regular Bible Conference for Pastors and deacons.
  3. Sending Evangelists and Missionary (100) in Myanmar within ten years.
  4. To open Lutheran Theological College and Boarding School for secular.
  5. To open a home for Children.


It includes for the head Office, Church, Conference hall, Theological College &seminar, and secular High School Boarding and Children, destitute for a home.


As under poverty-line and undeveloped country that we are in, and to promote, equipment and sharpening the Pastors and Deacons both spiritually and physically.


There are about six to seven village churches shepherded by one Pastor and the obligation of the evangelist is to preach at any CLCM congregations without boundary. A missionary is to settle at one place especially among the Buddhist and preach the Word of God. The 95% of the population is the Buddhist and without Christ Jesus.

There are seven divisions which is our main objective to send seven Missionary’s in the near futures.


It is our deep desire to open an oriented Lutheran training institute, where we can train, equip and mold many young men to be future CLCM church Leaders, Evangelist, Missionary and educator, and social worker to dynamic instruments for the extension of God’s Kingdom in Myanmar. And the Secular Boarding we CLCM intend to be starting from primary to high school, where those unable children would get free education through this boarding school.


It is intended for nurturing and caring for the orphanage children through the Word of God secular education to be future Christian workers.


I as Chairman of CLCM, ending my brief report. May the honor and all the glory be to Him forevermore.  It is our Vision, prayer, hope, burden to work together, to suffer together with unity and love for the extension of God’s Kingdom in Myanmar. Amen.

With love and Thanks in Him,

Pastor Huat Khan Thang Tombing

Chairman, CLCM

Munlai, Kalaymyo, Sagaing Division, Myanmar.

Email: theclcm [at] gmail [dot] com


A Report by Pastor Nathanael Mayhew

I just finished my yearly visitation of our churches in East Africa recently.  This year I was accompanied by Pastor Todd Ohlmann, Pastor Mike Gurath, as well as Russ Schmitt and Stephen Mayhew.  The Lord watched over our work giving us safe travels and many profitable hours spent with our brothers in East Africa.  The following is a brief overview of our trip.
Changes in Organizational Structure
At our annual East African Pastoral Conference we proposed a change in the organizational structure for our East African churches. Up to this point they have been divided into various church bodies, some registered with the government and others not. We have also had some trouble with this structure for various reasons. So we proposed that there would only be one church body and it will be called the Church of the Lutheran Confession in East Africa. Each country will have its own church organization and registration for government purposes. We are currently working on attaining church registrations for Kenya and Tanzania, and will be looking into it in Uganda as well.

But the main change is that we have divided the CLCEA into 6 districts: Kisii, Nairobi, and Kajaido in Kenya, and Arusha, Moshi, and Tanga in Tanzania. New districts will be formed when there are at least 6 congregations in a given area and with the approval of the CLCEA and the Missionary. Each district will have yearly meetings to elect a chairman, secretary and treasurer who will assist in the work of each district. The process of organizing into these districts is currently underway, and elections will be taking place before the end of the year. This was received very well by the members of the Pastoral Conference, so we are thankful for that. We pray that this structure will enable our churches to more effectively and efficiently work with us and one another to proclaim the whole counsel of God in East Africa.
We also conducted our first election for Chairman and Secretary of the East African Pastoral Conference. This should help our meetings and organization prior to meetings to work more efficiently, and give them some direction on how to run meetings more effectively.

New Contacts
I had the opportunity to meet and visit with two men I have been corresponding with by e-mail over the last year. One man was in Bungoma, Kenya, and the other from Iganga, Uganda. We spent two days visiting with these two men, and discussing doctrinal topics such as the Trinity, Baptism, and spiritual gifts. These were very productive visits and was humbling to see how they bowed to the Word in matters of doctrine that were unfamiliar to them. I will be continuing my correspondence with them during the coming year, and Lord willing they and their churches will be joining us next year.

Teaching and Instruction
We are going to begin conducting correspondence courses on the Bible Study “Go and Teach” through the coming year. Each district will be choosing a man to go through this with me during the coming year. As they learn the information, they will teach it to the other pastors of their district, and the pastors in turn will teach it to their congregations. This process has been used in the past in various mission fields and has worked very well. We pray that the Lord would bless our study of His Word!
We are thankful to see that many congregations which were once part of the LCEA in Tanzania have left that church body eager to remain in fellowship with the CLC. Progress is also being made in the ownership of the seminary building in Himo, and we pray that the Lord will enable us to resume the instruction of men for the pastoral ministry there in the future. Until that time comes we continue to support two temporary theological schools, one in Kenya and the other in Tanzania for the training of men for the ministry.
Pastor Gurath will be remaining in Kenya for possibly an entire year. While he will be working primarily with the church at Emmaus Milimani near Moi’s Bridge, he will also be assisting with the instruction of our Kenyan seminary students for one week of every month. We thank the Lord for Pastor Gurath’s willingness to serve in this capacity, and pray for the Lord’s blessing on His work in East Africa!
We thank the Lord for the many faithful pastors and leaders He has provided for His church in East Africa who serve the Lord with joy and zeal. These men have a desire to grow in the Word and to teach it to others which is too seldom found in our world. May the Lord be with them, and give them strength and wisdom to proclaim His Word as faithful stewards of the grace of God!
If you have any questions about our work in East Africa or would like more information, please contact me directly at ndmayhew [at] juno [dot] com.

In His service,
Pastor Nathanael Mayhew


Pastor Koenig