I Cor.. 16:9  ‘For a wide door for effective work has opened to me, and there are many adversaries.’

April 15, 2010

9th Annual Meeting of our lead pastors in India-Oct. 2009

Annual Report for the Year of 2008 to 2009 of Child Evangelism Minstry of BELC’s Districts of Uthukottai, Chennai, Vaniyambadi, Tiruvallure, Tiruttani of State fo Tamil nadu and Shri Kalakhasti, Koppedu and Chittoor of A.P. states.

(Pastor D.Paul)

Sunday Schools: –

“Bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord”–Eph. 6:4.

Parents should nurture their children, take care of their entire physical, mental, moral and religious training; their discipline in such education as their admonition by reproof, remonstrance and blame should be that from Christ such training proceeds and is prescribed by Him.  The Lord’s entire manner of educating is one calculated to win people for Himself, so that they willingly follow His leadership and His examples and should always stand before the eyes of all parents as an ideal after which they may strive.

Our BELC have realized that we have the principle responsibility in training our BELC children in God’s word.

Teachers and the Pastors are training BELC children to continue to search the scriptures.

At Sunday schools the children of BELC are taught Bible lessons which teach God’s great love and guidance.  God’s love is revealed to us in His son Jesus Christ who died on the cross to forgive the sins of all mankind.  Jesus rose from the dead and will raise us and all believers to eternal life with Him in Heaven.

Our children are taught that we are not saved by any goodness in us, but by the precious blood of Jesus shed for us.

More that 8,652 children are benefiting through this kind of Sunday School in 8 districts and are taught scriptures in Sunday Schools after Sunday service.

God has given faith in that savior, they are strengthened in their faith and grow spiritually.

After Sunday worship services one of the congregations member and a trained Sunday School teacher conducts the Sunday Schools.

Vacation Bible Schools: –

“But when Jesus saw it, he was much displeased, and said unto them, suffer the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not; for of such is the kingdom of God” Mk. 10:14The mothers of the town brought little children of all sizes to Him, from infants in arms up, they request to Him that He merely touch them, that is put His hands upon their children in blessing.  The children probably all loved the Savior at sight for His gentleness and kindness, and hearts of mothers were reached through the children.  But the disciples harshly rebuked those that were bringing the children.  They may have thought that the children were not worth while to bother with.

Jesus noticed, He became much displeased.  He said to them; permit the children to come to me; do not hinder them.  The kingdom belongs to such as these.Jesus wants it unforbidden to bring children to Him, He commands them to be brought to Him and He blesses them and gives them the Kingdom of Heaven.  “Though little children, they are capable of receiving Christ blessings.”  We love the children and we want to save them and admonish and train them in the Christian way and we want to make them a good citizen.

The Vacation Bible Schools this annual year drew a good response from children and parents.

The BELC’s districts in the State of Tamil Nadu and the State of A.P. has been running the summer school for the last 11 years to teach Bible stories, teach new songs, do painting, some kind of crafts and teaching of the basic things in the Bible.Around 9,143 children were enrolled for the VBS this year.

A passage Explained = Is. 14:12

“How you are fallen from heaven, O Day Star, son of Dawn! How you are cut down to the ground, you who laid the nations low!” Sometimes the word for Day Star here is also translated  ‘morning star.’ And confusion has arisen. The word for star in Hebrew is not here. It is cocav. In Greek it is aster. Jesus is the Morning Star as we see in Rev. 2:28, 22:16. The description of the devil in Is. 14:12 is the ‘shining one.’ It is as when we see a shooting star in the heavens or a comet. Such shines as it falls through the sky. So as the devil was cast down he was like a shining one who fell. Notice Isaiah says, “fallen from heaven…cut down to the ground.”

Here again we see prophetic perspective in that the immediate application is to the king who falls, though the farther application is to the devil who fell.

Pastor Koenig