I Cor.. 16:9  ‘For a wide door for effective work has opened to me, and there are many adversaries.’

January 15, 2010
Visitation to East Africa 2009
Pastor Nathanael Mayhew–Atlanta, Georgia
On October 25th Russ Schmitt, Larry Hansen and I met at the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport ready to begin a four week visitation of our East African churches.  We flew from a cool Minneapolis into Amsterdam, and then on to Nairobi, the capital of Kenya.  Here is a summary of our work there:
Nairobi District – We visited three congregations, and met with the pastors of our churches in Nyeri.  During this time we also conducted a one-day seminar for the leaders of the Nairobi area churches.  We gave a one presentation on the Second Article of the Apostles’ Creed and a second on the church year calendar and the use of a pericope in preaching.
Arusha / Moshi District – We visited three churches in this area, two of which were Masaai congregations.  The Masaai are an African tribe who are trying to hold onto their tribal customs in the face of modern and western influences.  They generally live away from civilization and have much less exposure to Christianity.  These congregations serve to reach out to this part of the African community with the precious message of God’s Grace in Christ, and are growing rapidly!  Glory be to God!
Kisii District – We conducted our yearly General Pastoral Conference.  In addition to my presentations on church organization and the Art of Preaching, four other men also presented essays on the topics of Prayer, Islam, and the Law and Gospel.  We spent some time at the orphan school and visited five of our congregations in this area.  We also presented another one-day seminar for our church leaders on the subjects of the Christian Confessions, The Second Article, and The Pastor’s Job.
Kampala District – This year we were able to spent one day in Kampala to visit with the students at Kampala International University where a church has been organized.  The most exciting aspect of the work here is that when the students graduate they go back to their home areas and take the Lutheran teachings with them, eager to start churches there.  It is exciting to think of what the LORD might accomplish in Uganda through these young people in the coming years!
Mois’ Bridge – We were also able to follow up with some new contacts while we were in East Africa this year.  One of the most exciting of these was a group in Northwestern Kenya near Eldoret.  A woman came into contact with our church in Phoenix, Arizona and after learning about our teaching asked if we would help her start a Lutheran church and school in her village!  We met with the family, visited with the people who are eager for a church and saw that land that had been donated for the LORD’s work there!
We thank the LORD for the dedication of these people and pray that He would bless the hearing and learning of His Word in all these areas.  May He give us strength to proclaim His Word and our efforts to train more men for the Gospel ministry in East Africa!

Angel Study
part #2
The guardian angel in Gen. 3:24 prevented men from going where they would be harmed.  Joseph was warned by an angel to take his wife and  Jesus to Egypt to protect.  Mt. 2:13
While Ex. 23:20 also pictures the angel as leading safely on a path away from danger, that appears to be THE angel of the Lord.
God did open eyes to see angels.  2 Kings 6:13-17
The promise is that they will guard.  Ps. 91:11
This care of them is seen in connection with Lot and his family. Gen. 19:1-29
Peter experienced this care also.  Acts. 12:5-11
An angel opened the prison door and brought out the apostles. Act 5:19
An angel told Paul all would be safe on the ship.  Acts 27:23
In the killing of Herod it was likely to prevent more harm from him.  Act. 12:23
While it might appear the same in Daniel 3:22-27 and 6:19-22, in both of these cases it appears again to be THE angel of the Lord.
Personal Encounters
Lot met them personally.  Gen. 19
Elisha saw the fiery chariots and horses which appear to be the angel army when Elijah was taken into heaven (2 Kings. 2:11) and when at Dothan
(2 Kings 6:17)
At the tomb and at the ascension New Testament followers encountered them. Lk. 24:4, Acts 1:10
Philip was told to go to Gaza by an angel.  Acts 8:26
Cornelius was visited by an angel on a mission.  Acts. 10:3
It is possible for us too.  Heb. 13:2
Ministering to Jesus
Gabriel announced to Zacharias about his son John. Lk. 1:11-20  And to Mary of her Son. Lk. 1:26-37
A host of angels heralded His birth. Lk. 2:9-15
At His temptation.  Mt. 4:11
In Gethsemane.  Lk. 22:43
In Death and Judgment
They serve God’s Judgment on man.  Sannacharib – 2 Chron. 32:21,  Sodom and Gomorrah. Gen. 19:1,12,13 (We are about to destroy.)  In various judgments – Rev. 16:1f. with the seven bowls of wrath, 8:1-21  the four angels released
At His second coming. Mt. 24:31, I Thess. 4:16
Gathering the righteous  Mt. 24:31
Dividing the righteous from the evil and observing the judgment.  Mt. 13:49,
2 Thess. 1:7-9, Jude 14,15
Casting in everlasting fire. Mt. 13:41-42

A Passage Explained: Matt. 10:23

“When they persecute you in one town, flee to the next; for truly, I say to you, you will not have gone through all the towns of Israel, before the Son of man comes.” In this passage as well as in His Mount of Olives address in Mt. 24-25 Jesus speaks in prophetic perspective, referring to immediate and ultimate fulfillment. When we look out the window we see what is nearby and what is far off, yet we can’t always know how far apart they are. So in prophetic perspective. Jesus here is speaking about judgment falling. It is true that in 70 AD the judgment fell on Jerusalem. In this case the Son of man brought judgment on the city and people who rejected His sacrifice for their sins. It was 40 years in coming but came. We look through that to the ultimate coming of Christ on the last day which will usher in the final judgment.

In Mt. 24-25 there are passages that refer to immediate judgment on Jerusalem like Mt. 24:15 and passages that refer to the end like Mt. 24:29-31. And there are passages that refer to things that continue to take place up to the end like Mt. 24:7-11.

Pastor Koenig